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British intelligence indicates that the Russian military is making little progress towards Kiev

British intelligence indicates that the Russian military is making little progress towards Kiev

British military intelligence has revealed that Russia’s progress towards Kiev over the past 24 hours has made little progress due to logistical issues and that the military has intensified its use of artillery north of the capital.

The British Ministry of Defense, in an update to military intelligence, said that “Russia’s progress towards Kiev has made little progress in the last 24 hours, which may be the result of continuing logistical problems.”

“Russian forces have intensified their use of artillery in northern Kiev and near Kharkiv and Chernihiv. The use of heavy artillery in densely populated urban areas significantly increases the risk of civilian casualties,” he added.

“Russia has failed to control airspace over Ukraine and has turned to night operations in an attempt to minimize its losses,” he said.

Reuters could not immediately confirm this information.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced an additional 40 40 million in humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

The British government said in a statement to its official that “this funding will help relief agencies in the deteriorating humanitarian situation in Ukraine and provide a lifeline for Ukrainians with access to basic necessities and medicines, bandages and many other medical supplies.” Website.

The report added that humanitarian experts from the British government had also been sent to the region to help those fleeing military operations in Ukraine.

“In response to the growing concern of Ukrainians living in the UK about their families in Ukraine, Johnson also confirmed that any Ukrainian living in the UK can bring family members with him,” the statement said.

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Most of Russia’s ground forces are located 30 kilometers (about 19 miles) north of the Ukrainian capital (Kiev), the British Defense Ministry said on Monday.

The ministry added – in a tweet on the micro-blogging site “Twitter” – that “Ukrainian forces have slowed down Russia’s progress by securing the airport in Hostom, which has been a major Russian target since the first day of the conflict.”