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British "Mark Bowman" appointed "Vice President of European Reconstruction" for policy

British “Mark Bowman” appointed “Vice President of European Reconstruction” for policy

Appointed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EPRD)Mark Bowman, the British Vice President for Policy and Partnerships, will lead the bank in key developments in policy development and consulting support for the 38 economies in which EPRD invests, to launch its new role on October 1st..

Bowman will be a member of the EPRT’s Executive Committee and will be the Head of the Department responsible for the Bank’s Country Strategies, Policy Involvement and Donor Funds..

“I am delighted to have Mark Bowman join the Bank, and his experience will give us new inspiration,” said EPRD Chairman Odil Renat Passo, who stressed more than ever the importance of the relationship between banking and politics, and the restructuring of EPRD regions in the wake of the COVID-19 epidemic..

Pierre Heilbrann, Vice President of Outgoing Bank, thanked the Bank for its commitment and commitment in advancing EPRD’s agenda and for its effective representation in Europe and the countries in which it operates..

Bowman joins the EPRT from the UK Government, where he recently held the position of Director General for International Finance at the Treasury, which includes the leadership of international and EU policy, as well as involvement in finance, and has held senior positions in the Ministry of the Treasury. She began her career at the International Development UK and Overseas Development Agency.

Bowman holds a degree in Economics from the University of Bristol and a Quantitative Development Economics from the University of Warwick. He will leave the bank at the end of September to complete his four – year term..

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