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British media urges government to expel journalists and translators from Afghanistan

British media urges government to expel journalists and translators from Afghanistan

The British media on Wednesday urged the government to expel Afghan journalists and translators who worked with the British media, as many local workers feared retaliation by the Taliban.

The British newspaper “The Guardian” reported that dozens of local reporters and producers associated with the British media were staying in Afghanistan after the fall of Kabul on Sunday.

The government has not expelled an Afghan journalist associated with the British media, as the US military has already begun deporting local staff working in the US media, such as the British Washington Post, last week, despite assurances from Foreign Secretary Dominic Robb that journalists would be immediately threatened if they worked with Britain.

Earlier this month, the Guardian appealed to the British Newspapers and Broadcasters Alliance to expand its refugee visa program in Afghanistan. “Settings”.

British Defense Minister Ben Wallace has previously said his country would send hundreds of troops to Afghanistan to help British nationals and local translators from abroad as security conditions in Afghanistan deteriorate.

“I have authorized the deployment of additional troops to support the diplomatic presence in Kabul, to allow British citizens to leave the country, and to serve our side at the risk of the lives of former Afghan staff,” Wallace said.

He added: “This is a long-planned process and it is important to consider the current situation in Afghanistan and make the decision to move to that level.”

Today, Wednesday, British Home Secretary Priti Patel announced that her country would expel 1,000 people a day after the Taliban captured the capital, Kabul, from Afghanistan.

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“So far we have evacuated almost 1,000 people a day,” Patel told the BBC: “We are still evicting British and Afghan nationals who are part of our plan.”

Britain has promised to accept 20,000 Afghans as refugees in the UK, and according to the BBC, 5,000 refugees will be eligible to settle in the UK in the first year, with an additional 5,000 Afghan translators and other staff from the UK.

He said women, girls and others would be given priority in providing asylum and those at risk of human rights abuses by the Taliban would focus on the resettlement program.