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British ministers jailed for 4 months for violating promises made to Afghans

British ministers jailed for 4 months for violating promises made to Afghans

Four months after the Taliban seized power, the British newspaper The Independent reported that many Afghans who had aided British forces in Afghanistan were still trapped in their homeland, most of them in a state of panic and fear for their lives.

The newspaper said in a statement on its website on Sunday that British ministers had been accused of trying to “go ahead and forget” London’s promises to translators and other local staff who had helped the British before the Taliban came to power. .

More than half (167) of the 311 people who cooperated with British forces are still trapped in Afghanistan, while 99 have arrived in the United Kingdom and 45 have been wisely confirmed by British Secretary of State James. In other countries.

Former British Secretary of Defense Johnny Mercer told the newspaper: “Britain has left thousands, not just 167, who have responded to the ARPA.”

The Independent also quoted translators and other local personnel who had worked with British forces as saying that the Taliban were searching for them and that they had disappeared with their families in Afghanistan.

Mercer pointed out that the vast majority of people who should have been expelled from Afghanistan under the “Afghan Resettlement and Assistance Policy” program were trapped there because the British plan did not work and thousands did not receive any response from Britain. : “All the ministers know it, but they are determined to move forward and move these people beyond our duties.”

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