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British police are up in the air.. Security chiefs warn: Significant increase in officers’ demands for food aid banks And the ban on strikes between the forces makes them desperate. “Due to poor conditions

Prolonged crises besieged British Prime Minister Richie Chung, who was only 3 months in office, chief among them a thorny economic file and high inflation rates, which had a severe impact on rising prices and the cost of living for all Britons. .

and high frequency front Inflation in the United Kingdom Several unions began to go on strike to demand better pay, but according to British newspapers, the biggest crisis in the police sector came after statements by Sir Mark Rowley, the commander of the UK’s largest police force. The BBC says the number of reluctant officials at Ali food banks is growing for subsidies.

By law, police and law enforcement personnel are not allowed to strike or engage in sit-ins, which has turned the officers’ pay crisis into a raging fire.

Sir Rowley expressed concern about the increasing number of officers returning to food banks after pay cuts over the past decade.

The Metropolitan Police Commissioner added that while the police did not intend to go on strike, they were “disappointed” with the deterioration in their standard of living in recent years.

In an interview with BBC radio, Rowley said: “I worry about the cumulative effect of the pay challenge over the years. I think front-line officers have lost about 14% of their real pay over a decade,” he added. There is no desire to strike, but they are frustrated.”

He continued, “I’ve seen the data about police officers using food banks, and it’s very concerning. These issues are a big concern for me. They do a great job. We officers give trouble, and we push it. But I’ve got tens of thousands of guys.” Women who really care about London and are deeply committed to helping people and tackling dangerous criminals.”

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He said, “I have to do everything I can to set them up for success. Part of that is that they think they can make ends meet. All the data suggests that some of them are having a tough time.”

Officials’ surge in demand for food banks coincided with a warning by food bank managers to the Rishi Sunak government last December of a “tsunami of the poor” that would send hungry families back, and demand continued as donations dwindled. Cost of living rises amid crisis

A study by the Food Aid Network (Ifan), a network of 550 food groups across the UK, found that 91 per cent of food banks saw more demand this winter than last year, and survey data showed 69 per cent. Food banks have seen a decline in food and cash donations and almost half – 46% – are concerned whether they will have the capacity to support people in 2023.

Meanwhile, one in five officers are planning to resign amid anger over pay, working conditions and treatment by the government, according to a new survey of 37,000 officers in England and Wales, which showed forces are “at crisis point, with the police service”. on its knees”.


Police union national president Steve Hartshorne said police union national president Steve Hartshorne said officers were “punished” because, unlike other public sector workers, striking against pay is prohibited by law.

“We are losing some exceptional officers because they cannot afford to stay in the service and cannot bear the alarming number of monthly living expenses,” he continued.

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Yvette Cooper, the shadow home secretary, said: “After 13 years of Tory mismanagement, police morale has collapsed and many good officers are considering leaving. The loss of skilled police officers means a loss of vital experience in keeping communities safe.”

It continues Labor strike in Britain More than one lakh government employees have planned to go on a complete strike on February 1 in the health, transport, railway and ambulance sectors, demanding wage hike, improvement of living conditions and the government to give appropriate concessions.