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British police evacuate London following reports of a suspicious car in Trafalgar Square.

British police evacuate London following reports of a suspicious car in Trafalgar Square.

British police say they have taken control of London’s Trafalgar Square after conducting a “controlled small explosion” unrelated to terrorism, adding that the square has reopened after it was evacuated.

The police evacuated Trafalkar Square in the capital and surrounded the area on a complaint that the queen’s platinum Jubilee celebration was in a distance of meters from the site of the event.

After receiving a message from the public on Saturday, Metropolitan Police officials asked people to leave the area. Guests staying at a nearby hotel have also been evacuated and police are asking people not to go to the area.

Police confirmed that they had heard thunder and that a “controlled small explosion” had taken place and that it was not related to terrorism. Police then reopened the square.

A police spokesman said extensive searches were being conducted in the area a short distance from a banquet outside Buckingham Palace and that they believed the incident was linked to a suspicious package.

On the other hand, the UK Health Security Agency found 15 new “monkey catches” in the UK and 3 in Scotland.

The British government said in a statement on its website that the total number of confirmed cases in the UK had reached 214, with eight confirmed cases in Scotland, one in Wales and two in Northern Ireland; The total number of cases in the UK has reached 225.

The report notes that the risk to the UK population is low: “But we urge people to be alert if any new psoriasis or sores appear, such as spots, sores or blisters on any part of the body.”

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Officials said there was a “significant ratio” between homosexuals and bisexual men, but did not provide an exact break.

Infection is commonly found only occasionally outside West and Central Africa, where the virus is found in animals.

The disease was first detected in laboratory monkeys in the late 1950s, and is usually mild, but in some cases can cause severe disease, which can kill up to 10% of infected people, and the mild strain that causes the current outbreak kills it. One in 100 people.

The incubation period of the monkey box is 21 days, which can take up to three weeks for symptoms to appear. Symptoms: Fever, headache, muscle aches, back pain, swollen lymph nodes, cold and fatigue.