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British Prime Minister Sunak: We will not apologize for colonialism and the slave trade

“No. I think we should now focus on understanding our history and all its phases,” Sunak said in Parliament, according to the newspaper Watchman.

To the MP’s question whether “dissecting history is not the right way and it is not what we should focus our energies on”, the Prime Minister responded to whether he was “meaningfully apologizing” for the said injustice and pledging to pay reparations.

Sunak became the first Hindu of Asian descent to become prime minister, and his family is from India.

UK government under BBC She never formally apologized for her role in the slave trade. The British monarchy, along with some other European countries, was a prominent participant in the international slave trade. But Britain also played a major role in ending these transactions when it passed the Slavery Abolition Act in 1833.

Last week, descendants of some of Britain’s richest slave traders called on the government to acknowledge and atone for the country’s role in transporting 3.1 million enslaved Africans across the Atlantic, while launching a related reparations programme.

The British Prime Minister is being investigated because of his wife


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