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British report on women's obesity ignites Iraqi anger

British report on women’s obesity ignites Iraqi anger

And many of the pioneers of those networks considered that attaching a picture of an Iraqi artist with the controversial report is a form of defamation and abuse of Iraqis in general and a lack of respect for privacy, demanding the British magazine to apologize and delete the publication, while others went to the extent of asking the Iraqi artist, to file a lawsuit against the magazine against the background of Publishing her photo attached to a report on women’s obesity.

On the other hand, commentators saw that the proposal and discussion Obesity problem The rise in its frequency between the sexes in Iraq and the Arab world is not a taboo subject that should be avoided, but rather on the contrary, especially if it is brought up with the aim of addressing and overcoming it, and not as a matter of bullying and ridicule.

Commenting on the topic, Maamel Ahmed Shakir, an expert in Iraqi digital media, said in an interview with Sky News Arabia: “I do not think that the matter calls for all this confusion, but because of the prevailing stereotyped view, unfortunately, of fat or chubby women, perhaps he interpreted the publication of the Iraqi artist’s image as an insult to her and bullying. On her, especially since she is a well-known public figure, and it is not appropriate to display her image in this sense.”

Shakir added: “But in principle, discussing the issue of obesity and its escalating rates, a disease that causes major health crises and problems for humans over time, such as diabetes and heart disease, should not elicit all this anger. On the contrary, researching ways to spread it and ways to combat and treat it is a healthy and positive matter.” .

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He added, “But unfortunately, what happened is that people only caught the part of publishing the picture of the Iraqi artist without her knowledge, which is of course an irresponsible and unacceptable behavior by the magazine, as this picture could have been replaced by publishing another picture of an unknown woman or girl.”