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وزيرة التجارة البريطانية مصر شريك أساسي في تحالف ;عمل التكيف; بمشاركة المملكة المتحدة

British Secretary of Commerce: Egypt is a key partner in the “adaptation” alliance with the participation of the United Kingdom.

British Trade Secretary Anne-Marie Trevelyn has hailed the return of the United States to the Structure Conference after a four-year absence: Washington’s return to its glorious years is encouraging and encouraging.

He pointed out in an interview during the “Last Word” show presented by the media on the “On” screen from Glasgow, Scotland, that hosts the 26th Climate Summit “COP26”, the United States returns with a rise. Ambition and commitment, and this is good news because the leadership of the London Summit will emphasize developed countries throughout and increase their ambition to work towards ways to help achieve the “zero emission” goal by 2050.

He added that by 2050 it will help consumers in the UK or Egypt reach the target of zero emissions, and he expects consumers in Egypt and the UK to continue their needs to achieve that goal.

The Minister stressed that his government will continue to work with other countries such as China to achieve the same goal of “zero emissions” by 2050, and praised its cooperation with Egypt in the “Adaptation” Group: I am pleased. The United Kingdom should cooperate with Egypt in this regard this year during the presidency, through the United Nations Coalition for Adaptation, especially Environment Minister Dr. Yasmin Fouad, through the Coalition for Adaptation Action Plan.

He stressed that Egypt is a key partner in this alliance: “We aim for real solutions through this alliance to tackle the challenges of climate change in order to help developing countries cope with challenges and climate shocks.”

Commenting on the fate of $ 100 billion in funding from developed countries to help developing countries adapt their climate to climate change, Trevelyan said: “I think, according to the conference chairman and his efforts in this regard. From developed countries to 2030, then five years later, after 2030, this year is appropriate to complete those pledges.

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He stressed that in those years it was very difficult to strike a balance between the two, working on the first adaptation and, in parallel, reducing the effects by 50%.