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British-Singapore military exercises in the South China Sea

British-Singapore military exercises in the South China Sea

The British and Singaporean navies conducted joint exercises in the international waters of the South China Sea, with the F-35B Lightning jets departing from the British aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth with the F-16 fighters of the Singapore Air Force.

The British government said in a statement that the exercises led by the aircraft carrier “Queen Elizabeth” were a testament to the “deep and long-standing relationship between the two countries”.

“The aircraft conducted a joint combat exercise in the international waters of the southern tributaries of the China Sea, while the ships of the Carrier Strike Group and the Singapore Navy conducted joint exercises in the United Kingdom,” he added.

He explained that the joint exercise “demonstrates the UK’s commitment to safeguarding democratic values ​​around the world and promoting security and security cooperation and free trade, a key theme of the UK Government’s joint review published earlier this year.”

“2021 is important for our engagement in the region. The UK has become the first ASEAN dialogue partner since 1996 and is beginning negotiations for a comprehensive Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement,” said Cara Owen, British Commissioner in Singapore.

“Singapore has long been a partner and supporter of the UK’s involvement in the region, and the arrival of the aircraft carrier HK Queen Elizabeth is a testament to our close and lasting bilateral relationship.”

Common problems

The statement said British Asia Minister Amanda Milling and Chief of Staff of the Royal Air Force and Commander of the Air Force Marshall Mike Wixton would visit Singapore with the aircraft carrier and meet with senior military officials on the HMS ship.

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In his involvement in Singapore, Secretary Milling will also lead his country’s contribution to a roundtable of think tanks covering ASEAN countries topics, regional security and prosperity issues and the UK’s role in the Indo-Pacific region.

The Carrier Strike Group launched its first operation last May, across the Mediterranean and the Indian Ocean to the West Pacific, engaging in a wide range of activities with partners and partners.

Singapore is one of more than 40 countries where Carrier Strike Group reaches out or exercises worldwide.

Last July, the team sailed through Singapore waters, with several ships conducting exercises in the international waters south of the South China Sea with the Singapore Navy.