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British Special Forces landed in Yemen


British Special Forces landed in Yemen

Under the above heading, Igor Sopotin wrote in the Nerzivima Gazette that Britain was ready to retaliate on the Iranian border for the perpetrators of the Mercer Street attack.

The article quoted the Daily Express as saying that a group of British Air Force Special Forces had landed at al-Qaeda airport in eastern Yemen.

According to them, 40 military personnel are on duty, including electronic intelligence experts. As the Daily Express points out, the British side enlists the support of US experts assigned to the region to train the Saudi armed forces. UK officials are examining the scene of a special forces landing near Iran. Also, in order to organize a strong response to the Mercer Street incident, journalists think.

The newspaper quoted a top official as saying he did not want to be named: “There are all indications that the drone was launched from Yemen, and fears that they could increase the likelihood of an attack are augmented by a large number of drones. In addition, according to this information source, It should prove to Britain that the organizers of the Mercer Street attack are ready to respond decisively to any action that could endanger their lives. “

The G7 condemned the Mercer Street attack and blamed Iran for it.

In response to the G7 allegations against Iran, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Gaddafi described all arguments about the involvement of pro-Iranian forces in the attack on the tanker as baseless and baseless.

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At the UN Security Council meeting on August 9, the situation was debated under the heading “International Cooperation to Enhance Maritime Security”.

But the British special forces’ landing in Yemen did not indicate that the British side was ready to work with the international community.

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