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Britney Spears is asking the court to remove her father’s guardianship from her


American actress Britney Spears

American singer Britney Spears has asked the Los Angeles court to remove her father’s legal guardianship from her, who has ruled her life for 13 years.

Spears spoke directly in front of a Los Angeles courtroom on Wednesday at a hearing about the unusual legal arrangement that has stripped the singer of her independence since 2008.

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Under guardianship, Jamie Spears can control her property, career and other aspects of her personal life.

“I want to end this tutelage without evaluation,” Spears said in a long, emotional letter. “This tutelage does me more harm than good. I deserve to have my life.”

CNN said the hearing comes a day after the New York Times released classified documents revealing that Spears had, for years, vehemently objected to the guardianship and the many powers of her father over her.

The 39-year-old is not taking part in court proceedings, but her lawyer told the judge this year that she wanted to speak out and requested an “urgently” hearing.

The network said that judicial guardianship is a type of court-imposed guardianship reserved for people who are no longer able to make decisions for themselves, usually the elderly and infirm, but critics have argued that the process can be exploited and cited the Spears case as an example of such abuse.

Spears faced intense scrutiny in the months since the release of “Framing Britney”, a New York Times documentary that sheds light on the fraught process that led to the courts placing the singer under guardianship.

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The film cast a harsh light on abusive paparazzi and media outlets that covered Spears’ mental health challenges, and portrayed her father as largely absent from her life until he took control of her property amid the singer’s struggles.

Source: American media