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Britney Spears “retires” from social media after Britney Spears’ post

Britney Spears announces she’s ‘taking a break’ from social media her engagement Boyfriend Sam Askari.

The singer caused some confusion when fans noticed him on Tuesday His Instagram account It disappeared, some convinced at first that it was disabled. But Spears later clarified that he deleted the account himself:

She said, “Don’t worry about people…Take a break from social media to celebrate my engagement! I will return soon”. wrote on Twitter.

spears Instagram Her guardian in 2008, the account has long focused on the battle over a complex legal arrangement. Older or sick people usually void the contract, leaving her father, Jamie Spears, in charge of his finances and health. And other important results. Spears called conservatism an “abuse” and testified before a judge that he had recently removed his father from office.

When Britney Spears secretly struggled to control her life, fans sent secret messages through her Instagram account, posting memes and pictures of her children. Even her secret posts now and then Maybe The podcast details their true meanings.

When her struggle to regain control of her life became public, she began posting more honestly on Instagram. to share Criticisms of his father and sister in a recent topic. He wrote: “I’ve had my support system hurt so bad.”

Jimmy Spears since then Apply Stop conservatism. “As Mr. Spears has said repeatedly, what he wants is good for his daughter,” Jimmy Spears’ attorneys said.

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Days later, throwing darts announce His engagement to Al-Askari on Sunday with a flyer showing a diamond ring.

Spears had told the court in his petition to remove the conservative movement that the agreement prohibits the military from marrying and having children.