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Britney was surrounded by grief. What will come after the death of Prince Philip and how will it affect the succession? | SVT

London / Prague Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, and husband of British Queen Alpte II, has died at the age of 99. He is remembered as a strong leader and for him, only he was dedicated to his wife infinitely.

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, and husband of British Queen Alpte II, has died at the age of 99. He is remembered as a strong leader and for him, only he was dedicated to his wife infinitely.

Pina has not yet passed. It may be a complication associated with his recent hospitalization. Philip spent the period between base sixteenth and base sixteen at the Flundensk Karlie Edward VII Hospital. Initial speculation that it was coronavirus has not been confirmed. After the royal family reported to Philip, on the contrary, that he had undergone heart surgery.

Philip recently withdrew from parties and only appears sporadically in public. One of the little things when he stood in front of the cameras again was the wedding of Duchess of Sussex Harry and Meghan in May 2018. He and his youngest grandson Harry were very close due to the warm thanks to the wedding.


Since meeting the pandemic, Philip has stayed with the Queen at Windsor Castle near London, where he was tied up at the start of the year.

As Queen Manel, the Duke of Edinburgh, of course, was entitled to a central funeral. In the past, the bag was posted in Saint Petersburg, whether it could have been a military-style celebration, especially on the Windsor Estate in Saint Petersburg Church. Ha. He should be buried close to there in Frogmore Gardens next to Queen Victoria and her husband Prince Albert.

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There will be a period of mourning throughout the UK until the funeral. British flags are engraved and the ceremonial cane in the British Parliament is covered with a black cloth. All British MPs will smell the black streaks, but they must also have black ties. The UK will not accept a new law during this time.

The British Caliph was not affected. Although Philip was the Queen’s husband, he never found the title of King, his official rank knew Prince. The heir to the thorn is Charles Philip and the eldest son of Alpet, a knee from Wales.

Worth hrdina

Philip was born on June 10, 1921 on the Greek island of Corfu. His maternal grandmother was the grandson of British Queen Victoria. After the uprising in Greece of 1922, the Greek royal family was forced to flee into exile with Philip the young, first to Bay, and then to Philip staying in Germany and England.

During the time of the wolves, the young prince served as an officer in the royal estate. With the British fleet, it gradually reached, for example, Egypt, Australia and Ceylon. During the Allied landings in Sicily in 1943, he distinguished himself with a hussar trick, when he managed to land a Neptilian bomber.

It was clear that they were with us that night and wouldn’t stop until we drowned, as he recalls to the British daily The Guardian Harry Hargraves, then Nunk on board HMS Wallace. Soon the first thing (Philip) went to something, then I saw a handcuffed wooden raft across the deck, burning on both sides. Initially on this flaming raft, the next German plane, with poor visibility, fell in love with the same-headed Abrythian crew.

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Prince Philip described his life that night, as did Hargreaves. Mon e pr z ns peilo may drown, but urit may drown. He was always very obnoxious and was thinking fast.

After the wolf, Prince Philip married the Princess of Britain who wrote to her during his years with monks. The ceremony took place on November 20, 1947 in Westminster Abbey. In the same city, his wife was crowned six years later by the Queen of Britain and he became his wife’s prince. At the time, Jett did not know that after 74 years, this title holder would enter British history as the longest.

The generation that did not dig

Krlovsk’s father gave birth to three children, Charles, Anna, Andrew and Edward. The result of the thorn was Charles a knee from Welles and his sons. Preference is given to superstar William and his children, regardless of gender. In California, Prince Harry is on his way out.

Grieving the death of Philip emerged from her in front of all the figures of British public life. According to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Philip helped direct the ammonia royal family so that they remained elements of tact and balance in national (British) life. The leader of the opposition, the Labor Party, Keir Starmer, agreed to a similar assessment.

Philip is in mourning, for example, with the British Commonwealth, to help him arm the wolves. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison indicated that the Duke visited his country for 21 hours. And according to him, it represents a generation that has never declined.

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Philip was known for his sense of humor, and he enjoyed it a lot and enjoyed it a lot. For example, when he was introduced to Ethiopian primitive art in 1965, Philip said: It seems like something my daughter will bring from a class. During the invasion of Canada in 1976, he explained to his men again that he only came because he had been: For health reasons, let’s not come here, we can come up with a better way to relax.