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Broadcast studio in high-speed rail or robot chefs: memories of past Olympics through the eyes of a reporter

Broadcast studio in high-speed rail or robot chefs: memories of past Olympics through the eyes of a reporter

The Olympic Express takes just five seconds to fly 300 kilometers per hour to one of the stations on the track. He can make the trip from downtown Beijing to the mountain resort of Zhangjia, 200 kilometers away, in less than 50 minutes. It does not stop anywhere along the road and the Chinese driver does not know the word delay in the manual.

Smart and attractive train (fast)

Using algorithms, the train determines the optimum speed and driving conditions in real time – taking into account the current weather, the slope of the track, and the weight of the entire group, depending on the number of passengers carrying it,” explains Mr. Mo Zhi Song proudly.

Today, China's state railways operate by far the longest high-speed train network in the world.  Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia are also interested in Chinese knowledge

He is responsible for safety on high-speed lines across China, which are now longer than the circumference of the equator. For example, Chinese TV CGTN loves the Olympic Express so much that it has set up its own Olympic broadcasting studio there. It is a huge success with the audience, as confirmed by one of the artistic directors of television.

We need to integrate the 5G network with the technology of the TV studio and the train itself, all this of course so as not to compromise security systems. We are the first person in the world to have our own TV studio on a high-speed rail. It works great and the audience reaction is great.”

How does the food taste of the robot?

An emphasis on modern technologies and futuristic solutions can also be seen in the Olympic canteens. You can order food classically and pay either with cash or credit card, but then the robot does the cooking.

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They’ll be fried, heated, and delivered to your table in ten minutes. We live in covid times, so eventually they will call you offline from the ceiling, literally under your nose.

Look, that’s absolutely everything – Chinese cuisine, European cuisine, even pizza and pasta. It’s perfect! He can be heard from the dining room. “I eat everything here—broccoli, kung pao and those little Chinese dumplings. All is well! American Olympians praise the show at the Olympic Village.

The most luxurious panda around the world

The Olympic halls were empty, but big business made the 1.5 billion Chinese mascot of the Olympics – a panda called Bing Duen Duen. Olympic stores were forever sold out and China Post had to catch up, sending teddy bears around the world day and night.

We send shipments all over China and also to Germany, Spain and English speaking countries. Obviously medium sized sacks lead them, and our panda is Bing Duen Duin. There is a lot of interest in it! “The post office clerk, Miss Yu, told me at the desk in the main press center in the Olympic Park in Beijing.

Another element that the Chinese did, and who loved it. They incorporated three of their ancient mythological symbols into each Olympic medal – Chinese silk, Chinese bamboo, and Chinese jadeite.