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Broken ROM owner ordered "permanent destruction" of all unauthorized Nintendo games •

Broken ROM owner ordered “permanent destruction” of all unauthorized Nintendo games •

A court has ordered the owner of the disabled ROM to “permanently destroy” all unauthorized Nintendo games they have access to.

As I mentioned TorrentFreak, a California District Judge instructed Matthew Strowman, owner of RomUniverse Offline, to “permanently destroy all unauthorized Nintendo games or other unauthorized copies of Nintendo’s intellectual property rights including films, books and music” no later than August 17.

Stormman must file an affidavit, penalizing perjury, in California federal court “confirming his compliance with these terms” by August 20.

At the end of May, Stormman was ordered to pay $2.1 million in damages for copyright and trademark infringement while operating the RomUniverse, after the US company Nintendo sued him in September 2019.

Stormman was ordered to pay a monthly fee of $50, due to his unemployment, but missed his first payment. Then Nintendo applied for a permanent injunction to prevent Storm from reviving the site. It was given last week.

the Command Stormman means an engine from a long list of works that prevent the return of the RomUniverse in any significant way.

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