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Buemi, Hartley and Nakajima record their first historic Toyota Hypervisor win -

Buemi, Hartley and Nakajima record their first historic Toyota Hypervisor win –

Mike Conway started from first place to the six-hour spa race in Toyota # 7, followed by Phil Hanson behind the wheel of the Oreca 07 Gibson # 22 LMP 2 class prototype.

However, after the initial second-place loss, Sebastian Buemi quickly returned ahead of Hanson in a Toyota No. 8 and the Swiss began to catch up with Leader Conway in a sister car. Toyota responded to the situation that hampered the fastest Buemi Conway. The British knight left his Swiss teammate.

Thus Toyota No. 8 began setting the pace for the race, however, the Buemi’s speed in the building was slowed due to the fault of the mechanics while the pit was stopped. When refueling, they did not observe the minimum time allowed for this operation, set at 35 seconds, for which the “eight” was punished for half a minute “stop and go.”

But even Toyota # 7 did not avoid problems, especially when Jose Maria Lopez and Camoge Kobayashi were behind the wheel. The Japanese braked heavily in the corner of Brussels and Kobayashi got off the gravel with the help of guards only. Argentine racer Richard Leitz collided in his 91st Porsche, where the “seven” were punished for bypassing the pits.

These delays allowed the No.8 Toyota to build a decisive lead over the second car in the Japanese stable. After Kazuki Nakajima and Brendon Hartley took turns in the cockpit of the # 8 Hypervisor, Sebastian Buemi is back at the wheel recently.

The Swiss racer thus became the first pilot in history to bring victoriously to the finish line a private car built according to the new technical rules of the Le Mans Hypercar. Together with him, Nakajima and Boyemi celebrated Toyota GR010 Hybrid # 8 victory.

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With a one-minute loss, he finished off the second prototype of the Alpine A480 Gibson # 36 LMP Class 1, which is being deployed at LMH this year by the Alpine endurance team. Nicolas Lapierre, Andre Negrau and Matthew Vaxevier separated the two Toyota cars from each other thanks to the Clean Racing.

Slow hypersensitivity: Button wants to join LMP 2

After winning the playoffs, Kamogi Kobayashi and his fellow crew members of the world champion Mike Conway and Jose Maria Lopez left third in a round loss to No. 8 winner Toyota.

Zach Brown’s team still dominates

In the LMP 2 category, Zak Brown’s United Autosports once again extended control of the spa. The McLaren captain’s team, which won four races last year, including Spa and Le Mans, won in Belgium again this year.

Swiss newcomer and former DTM pilot, Fabio Scherer, also helped defending champions enter the new season. He rotated in the cockpit of the prototype Oreca 07 Gibson # 22 with Phil Hanson and Philip Albuquerque.

Unfortunately, we just have

United Autosports won a landslide lead over JOTA Sport’s Oreca 07 Gibson, with Stoffel Vandoorne alternating with Tom Blomqvist and Sean Gelael. The 28th sister car of the British stable finished third with the crews of Anthony Davidson, Antonio Felix da Costa and Roberto Gonzales.

Dutch Racing Team Nederland scored their first historic win in a new sub-class within the LMP 2 Pro-Am Bronze Pilot Cup. Amateur in the crew of Orecy 07 Gibson # 26 is the owner of the racing team, Frits van Eerd, who rotates with Gied van der Garde and Job van Uitert.

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The premiere was not published in FIA WEC by Slovak stable ARC Bratislava and Ligier JS P217 Gibson Yellow. Head of the racing team, Miro Konopka, recorded a fuel leak in the preliminary round and the Bratislava formation was forced to resign prematurely.

Porsche Diklasovalo Ferrari

In the LMGTE – PRO category, the spa plant has become a clear affair of the Porsche Factory.

Frenchman Kevin Esther won by qualifying for the 911 RSR-19 # 92, which then moved to the front in practically all the race. Estre took turns behind the wheel with Swiss Neel Jani and this crew won the combined effort by a half-minute lead over the Ferrari 488 GTE Evo # 51.

Second place was won by Alessandro Pierre Guidi and James Calade, who defeated Daniel Serra and Miguel Molina in Sister Ferrari No. 52.

The American Corvette Racing Team, who sent Antonia Garcia and Oliver Gavin to Belgium as part of the General at Le Mans, won fourth place at the European premiere with the C8.R. This was the last race in his career for a British rider at the age of forty-eight.

Exhibition: The starting field for the WEC pre-event according to qualification results

After innocent contact with Toyota # 7, Richard Lierz, Gianmaria Bruni, finished another fifth Porsche # 91 at LMGTE – PRO.

In the LMGTE-AM category, Fracua Perudo, Alessio Rovera and Niklas Nielsen won the Ferrari 488 GTE Evo # 83 for AF Corse.

Sprint 6 hours of spa cut

The WEC World Endurance Championship season will continue on June 13th in Portimao, Portugal.