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Bugatti celebrates a record year: it has delivered eighteen cars to customers

This may sound like a misspelling, but it really is. In the realm of such exclusive brands, including Bugatti, eighty units produced and delivered is a truly respectable number. In fact, more than just a decent year—2022 was the most successful year in history for the auto company.

Among these very exclusive 80’s supersports, there have been several special editions based on the Chiron type – specifically, for example, the last nine examples of the models Super Sport 300+ Or a complete production of ten pieces of the model shentodex.

Photo: Bugatti

One of the last nine planned Chiron Super Sport 300+ aircraft. This high-speed version of the Chiron boasts a top speed of over 480 km/h

In addition to these highly exclusive pieces, this also includes the production of “usually” exclusive Bugatti cars, such as the classic Chiron or Chiron Sport. The factory in Molsheim presented the 400th Anniversary Chiron before the end of the year, which means the production process is entering the final phase – so the last 100 cars still have to be produced.

In addition, the manufacturer states that most of this production is scheduled by the Bugatti Atelier, so this dedicated division, which caters to discerning customers, has clearly been very busy.

Photo: Bugatti

The impressive 8.0-liter W16 will also end production of the Chiron

“Like all exclusive car companies, we at Bugatti faced a number of different challenges during 2022,” admits Christophe Peuchon, Chief Operating Officer of Bugatti Automobiles. “However, thanks to a team with unparalleled talent, commitment to the brand, and passion for the cause, we were able to effectively confront and address these obstacles, ultimately allowing us to create and realize new opportunities.”

Finally, an interesting thing – in addition to setting a sales record, the Bugatti automobile company has started selling used cars. Not because their clientele could not afford a new car, but because of the massive interest from the wealthy that it would simply not reach anyone.

In addition, as we know, a used Bugatti It can often cost more than that again. As part of the program called Bugatti Certified Pre-Owned, the car company maintains a list of people interested in used Chiron, Bolide or even Mistral models, who are eager to spend tens of millions on a Bugatti, but in the “basic” playtime “simply did not reach them.

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