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Bulgaria expelled a Russian diplomat due to ammunition depot explosions

Bulgaria expelled a Russian diplomat due to ammunition depot explosions

The Russian Foreign Ministry announced after a meeting between the Russian Ambassador to Bulgaria Eleonora Mitrofanova, Acting Deputy Prime Minister and Head of Bulgarian Diplomacy Ekaterina Zakaryev, that Bulgaria declared a Russian diplomat persona non grata.

At the same time, the minister called on Moscow to fully cooperate with local authorities in investigating the bombings and the attempt to poison Bulgarian arms manufacturer Emilian Gebrev.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria has declared another Russian diplomat persona non grata and will ask Russian law enforcement authorities to provide full assistance to the Bulgarian authorities in investigating explosions in Bulgarian weapons depots, destroying material evidence in fires and trying to poison three Bulgarians, the perpetrators of these crimes have been found and prosecuted. .

The prosecutor’s office said on Wednesday that it suspected six Russians linked to four explosions at Bulgarian warehouses and factories where Gebrev was storing weapons and ammunition. They had in common, among other things, that the military materials would go to Ukraine and Georgia from there.

Three of the suspected Russians had previously been accused of trying to poison Gebrev with a substance from a group of newcomers in 2015, an action attributed to GRU No. 29155. According to the Bellingcat investigative group, the Bulgarian weapons were subject to Russian research. Perhaps this is because his company, EMKO, is the only company outside of Moscow’s control capable of securing ammunition supplies for Soviet-made weapons.

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