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Bushra: Muhammad Ramadan is a smart, hard-working star, and Adel Imam Qali, you are great | news

The artist, Bushra, talked about her relationship with the artist, Mohamed Ramadan, and said that he has positive qualities such as intelligence and diligence

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Bushra said in an interview with the media, Engy Ali, on the “Secrets of the Stars” program, broadcast on Nojoom FM, “My relationship with Muhammad Ramadan is good, after the song. People, but the topics grow, and he is a smart, hardworking star and works a lot.”

And she continued, “He responded with work, and I just responded to him when he said I am the king.”

And about her relationship with Adel Imam and behind the scenes working with him, she said, “He hit me with the pen in hidden worlds, but it was professional, and the first day of filming he said that you are great.”

And she continued, “In the series, I was blind and I say to Rami Imam, I will shake his mind like this.”

She added, expressing her happiness to work with major art stars such as Lubna Abdel Aziz, Mervat Amin and others

It is reported that Bushra is waiting for the screening of the movie “His Excellency Mama” with Mahmoud El-Leithi, Sami Maghawry and other elite stars

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