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أعمال غيرت القوانين قبل "فاتن أمل حربى".. هل تنتصر نيللى كريم للمرأة؟

Businesses that changed laws before “Faten Amal Harbi” .. Will Nelly Karim win for women?

The star Nelly Karim adopts the task of changing the personal status law through her series “Faten Amal Harbi”, which provides for the abolition of the custody of the divorced mother on her children if she remarries, so that the right of custody goes to the father, and the man in this case has the right to take his children, in a bold step from the work makers that restores To mind a number of actions that have already contributed to changing the laws.

In Egypt, 3 films succeeded in amending constitutions, shedding light on a legal flaw that made legal experts pass amendments whose positive effects are still being felt so far.

They made me a criminal 1954

After the movie “They Made Me a Criminal” was shown, a law was issued stipulating the exemption from the first precedent in the criminal record, so that the offender could start a new life.

The story of the film is based on the true story of a boy who left the reformatory and faced harsh conditions that eventually led to him killing his uncle and turning into a real criminal, starring Farid Shawqi, Yahya Shaheen, Hoda Sultan and Rushdi Abaza..

word of honor 1972

The credit for the film, after it was shown in the cinema, is to amend the laws on prison visits, and to allow the prisoner to conduct an exceptional visit outside the prison on holidays and occasions, or if a relative is ill..

The movie “Word of Honor” starring Farid Shawqi, Nour Al Sharif, Ahmed Mazhar and Hind Rostom, its events revolve around a prisoner who tried to escape more than once in order to explain to his wife that he was wronged, and every time he tried to escape, the sentence period increased for him..

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I want a solution 1975

The film sparked a wave of controversy in the Egyptian society after it was shown, and caused the personal status law to be changed to give women the right to divorce themselves from their husbands..

His story revolves around Doria – Faten Hamama – life becomes impossible between her and her husband, and she asks him for a divorce, but he refuses, so she is forced to resort to the court to file a divorce case. Doria enters the labyrinths of the courts and is exposed to a series of problems and obstacles, and things get complicated when the husband brings false witnesses who testify against her in a secret session and she loses After more than four years,.

Globally, cinema had a strong influence in changing the laws of some European countries, after films shed light on their negatives and shortcomings:

Rosetta 1999

After the film was shown, a law was passed in Belgium prohibiting employers from hiring teenagers for less than the minimum wage. The film, a French-Belgian production, revolves around a girl named “Rosetta” who escapes from her alcoholic mother in order to search for any work, exploited by craftsmen to work for low wages..

A Space Odyssey – 1968

The film had a great impact in inspiring NASA scientists to go up to the moon, and gave them a strong impetus to reach the moon and that nothing is impossible, and it is the beginning of the development of science fiction films. And after NASA scientists landed on the surface of the moon, they described what they saw as identical to what they saw in the movie.

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Super size Me 2004

The film succeeded in drawing the attention of the American authorities, in taking steps against a fast food restaurant to observe quality in preparing healthy food..

The documentary film talks about fast food, as the hero ate it for a whole month, so he gained 15 kilograms and suffered from depression, cirrhosis of the liver and impotence..

JFK 1991

The film succeeded in urging officials to release the government documents that the former US President “Kennedy” had signed before his assassination and to reopen the investigation into what happened. .

The film was released in 1991, directed by Oliver Stone. It tells the threads and circumstances of the assassination of former US President John F. Kennedy, and carries a lot about the details of the president’s life and his political and social secrets..

Harlan County, 1976

A film that won the Academy Award for Best Documentary Film of 1976 and takes place in Harlan County, Kentucky, where 180 coal workers went on strike, due to the company’s refusal to sign work contracts with workers according to workers’ terms and requirements..

The film caused public awareness of the rights and conditions of miners, and there became a great popular solidarity with the workers, and they put pressure on the large companies and forced them to improve the conditions of workers, and then improve the conditions of workers and provide better ways of life.