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Busy winter in Slavia: The club has dealt with offers, so you don’t have to stop shopping. On the horizon Norway

Now, Slavia, the second team in the table, is preparing to resume the league on Sunday against Jablonec, which has been in third place since the end after the fall.

Are you flying in three weeks?

In addition to long-term thief David Hovorka and newcomer David Petsch, who should join training next week after injury, Slavia are only missing midfielder Tomás Huelich. And the main midfielder underwent surgery in the winter due to an ankle injury. “Now he has completed part training with the team and part individually. He can’t call in yet. However, he could be back in three weeks, ”coach Trebishowski thinks.

“I hope that as many people as possible arrive despite the harshness of winter and bad weather. We are playing at home after a long time, and the team looks very good, because the players are back after the break in perfect condition,” the coach confirmed at the pre-season press conference in Eden.

Slavia summoned journalists to the club’s museum headquarters just at the last minute. It was clear that he wanted to convey the positive impression that was made from the inside out – to the fans and the public. Will you continue?

For the first time in five years, the red and whites will not play in any European cups in the spring, and the wide squad, still swelled by some new arrivals and returns from loan spells, will only travel the coaching staff on the home stage. In the league, Slavia are two points behind defending champions Pilsen after the fall. In the Cup, in the quarterfinals, the second division awaits Fishkov, who was the easiest opponent in fate..

Chairman of the Board of Directors Yaroslav Tverdik announced: “We want to win the league or the cup, and in the summer we want to break into the main group at least in the Europa League.”

After all, in the spirit of his words, there has also been a relatively busy transfer period in Slavia. It is very likely that there…

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Another promotion from Norway?

After all, just before Friday’s press conference, famous Italian journalist Fabrizio Romano broke the news that Slavia were finalizing the arrival of Norwegian youth representative Christos Xaveris from Haugesund.

Tverdyk answered a direct question: “But you know very well that we do not announce transfers until they are completed.”

The 19-year-old young midfielder with Greek roots, for whom his current club demands about 70 million crowns, could in the future replace, for example, Ondřej Lingro in the squad, for whom the Greek Panathinaikos, for example, has shown interest in winter season.

Slavia’s menu for the spring part of the season

Tvrdík replied again: “However, we have agreed with the coaches that we will not allow Ondra to go anywhere in the winter”. “Unlike the case of Musa Usur, who we released to Linz, we could not imagine spring in Slavia without Ondra,” Trebishowski explained.

Ferdik I give the floor again: “After an unsuccessful autumn, I was surprised how many of our players from foreign clubs showed interest.” Ondra Linger received an offer not only from Greece, but also from famous competitions.

In the same way, they should have asked which was Oso, Oscar Doorly, or David Jurassic in Winter in Eden. “With that said, we clearly prioritized sporting success,” said Tvredik.

Therefore, in addition to the aforementioned Musa Usur, on loan with an option in Linz, Austria, only Yera Sur left the club. “We didn’t release him in the summer and he was obviously considering a non-transfer. He didn’t play much, he was on the bench, we even earned five million euros on him in one year, which is a great investment from my point of view,” said Tverdijk.

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Slavista Liera Sur breaks through Cluj's defense in the Conference League match.

Nigerian footballers Musa Osor (left) and Yera Sur (right) left Slavia in the winter. The first headed to Linz in Austria, and the second headed to Genk in Belgium.

Meanwhile, the multifunctional David Besch came to Slavia from Mladá Boleslav and the veteran worker Petr Hronik also came from the neighboring Bohemians. On the other hand, Emmanuel Yeboah failed to arrive from Cluj during a medical. So far, the coaches are probably paying tribute to 22-year-old goalkeeper Egoh Ogbu, who they were already interested in in the previous transfer window.

“He’s one of the few footballers we’ve been able to come back to after a failed flirtation and get him. Normally, our players go to better competitions, but Ogbo was an exception – similar to Alex Bah in the past,” Trebishowski said.

Slavia – Jablonec

Online Sundays from 3 p.m

“In Slavia, I can take the next step in my career,” said the 22-year-old Nigerian himself. “I also discussed the transfer with his compatriot Petr Olinka, who recommended me to the Czech League, I’m curious about what awaits me here.”

By the way, it was Olayinka who took care of another halo over the winter when he signed a new contract with Serbian Crvena zvezda Belgrade half a year before the end of the contract, to which he is entitled according to the rules.

“But we were disappointed that he had already presented himself with a new shirt, although it was more likely to do with an agent’s work,” Tverdyk said. “We discussed a new contract with Peter, he was receptive, he wanted to stay, but we couldn’t offer him the terms he wanted. We have a new salary cap at the club that we don’t want to go over, and Peter was already our best paid player.”

It was also for this reason that it was decided whether he would leave Slavia in the winter. “But in the end, we agreed that he would stay, and we usually count on him in the spring. He is our player, the club pays him and we want to use him to the maximum.”

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Kees Shettle: The clubs agreed he would come in the summer

On the other hand, Slavia had not yet used Mojmír Chytil in the spring. Although he has undergone a medical in Aden in the past few days, his transfer from Olomouc to Prague will only take place in the summer.

Striker Mojmír Chytil makes his debut for the national team.

Slavia will enter the spring part of the season with strikers Stanislav Tekel, Váslav Jureka and Mick van Buuren, who returned prematurely from a loan spell at Liberec.

In autumn, he scored nine goals in North Bohemia and tied for second in the top scorer table.

“He was one of the most dangerous players in the league, he benefited from the fact that he had a solid position and the team relied on him,” Trepczewski remarked.

Will it be similar in Slavia? He added, “It is not an easy decision at the moment. We are counting on Mick as a player who can make noise on the field and tirelessly disturb the opponent’s defense, which is not something every defender likes.”

At Eden, the Dutch striker will also play for his contract, which expires in the summer. “If he repeats his fall and becomes the league’s top scorer, we won’t be able to extend it,” Tvredik smiled.

However, this is still a premature consideration.

First, he will face Slavia Jablonec on Sunday, then a duel in Pardubice and another duel at home with Brno. At the same time, coaches have to think carefully about how to satisfy a wide team, as there is huge competition.

If successful, Slavia could again strive for the championship title after two years.