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Butterflies are leaving the UK ... and experts warn: "Nature is in danger"

Butterflies are leaving the UK … and experts warn: “Nature is in danger”

The British newspaper The Guardian reports that conservationists are warning that naturalists are in crisis as the United Kingdom has recorded the lowest number of butterflies in the annual census.
The Butterfly Conservation Trust, which counted the number of butterflies between July 16 and August 8, said the results indicate the lowest number since the large butterfly population began 12 years ago, and called for emergency action.

The findings are the latest warning sign for butterflies and are an important part of the food chain and important indicators of environmental health after decades of decline. Since 1976, the number of butterflies has decreased by 76%.

“The facts are clear, nature is in crisis, and we need urgent action not only to prevent the loss of wildlife but also to rebuild biodiversity,” said Julie Williams, chief executive of the Butterfly Conservation Trust.

Of the 150,000 figures recorded this year, the most advanced to date, volunteers counted 9 species of butterflies on average, up from 11 last year and 16 in 2019.

1,238,405 butterflies and moths were counted – 14% less than last year because the survey was conducted by volunteers who counted the number and type of butterflies seen in 15 minutes.

So Rand, a senior commentator for the Butterfly Conservation Trust, said May was the wettest month, with the fourth-highest rainfall in the UK being a major factor in the number of butterflies this month. Interference with their reproduction and diet.

He continued: “Butterflies do not like rain, they are cold-blooded insects that live effectively in the summer.”

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