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By mistake, the British Ministry of Defense announced the leak of the names of 250 Afghan translators  United Kingdom News

By mistake, the British Ministry of Defense announced the leak of the names of 250 Afghan translators United Kingdom News

The British Ministry of Defense has announced that it will launch an investigation into data breaches by 250 Afghan translators who collaborated with British forces in Afghanistan.

A ministry spokesman said the breach was caused by the Afghanistan Resettlement Project Committee and that the ministry would do everything in its power to ensure that such violations do not recur. It is feared that this will expose Afghan collaborators to revenge.

British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace has apologized for misrepresenting the personal data of Afghan translators who want to stay in the UK.

This comes when an official in the ministry is announced to have been fired in the wake of this “unacceptable mistake”.

The minister explained that after the Taliban seized power in Afghanistan, the relevant persons authorized to apply for residency in Britain were informed and given guidelines on what they should do.

“This performance is unacceptable,” the minister said. “On behalf of the Ministry of Defense, I apologize.”

He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture, and that his confession had been obtained through torture.

“One person has been laid off, pending investigations, and the methods of handling data and communication procedures have changed,” the minister said.

British Defense Minister admits Afghan translators are in danger (Reuters)

Error and effects

The BBC reports that the email addresses of more than 250 Afghans seeking to stay in the UK have been incorrectly included in emails sent by the Ministry of Defense, revealing their names and sometimes attached to their photos.

Many politicians have criticized the government since the incident, citing the dangers of Afghan translators seeking to leave their country since the Taliban took power last month.

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“These Afghan translators have told us they will ensure our safety, but this data leak is unnecessarily endangering their lives,” John Healy, the main opposition Labor Party’s representative for security issues, wrote in a tweet.

He appealed to the government to “expedite efforts to bring Afghanistan safely to the UK”.

Ignorance and denial

At the Conservative camp, Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s party, Representative Johnny Mercer, also condemned “criminal negligence” and argued that translators would be forced to “relocate” quickly to avoid retaliation.

The British Home Office expelled 8,500 Afghan collaborators and their families last month for fear of being targeted by Taliban members.

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