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بأمر القانون.. يُرفع علم مصر بمكان ظاهر بالمؤسسات التعليمية

By order of the law.. the Egyptian flag is raised in a visible place in educational institutions

“The flag is raised in a conspicuous place in educational institutions under the supervision of the state, and the flag is saluted every school day in the pre-university education stages, in accordance with the controls and procedures determined by the Minister of Education,” as stipulated in Article 5 of Law No. 41 of 2014 regarding science, anthem and peace The nationalities consist of 13 articles.

The first article stipulates that “the national flag of the Arab Republic of Egypt and the national anthem and peace are symbols of the state, which must be respected and dealt with with reverence in the manner set forth in this law, and hereinafter referred to as the national flag of the Arab Republic of Egypt by the word flag.”

The second article explained that “the flag consists of 3 colors red, white and black, and has an eagle taken from the eagle of Salah al-Din in golden yellow, and it is rectangular in shape, the width is two-thirds of its length, and it consists of 3 rectangles of equal dimensions with the length of the flag, the top in red and the middle in white and the bottom in black, In the middle is the white rectangular eagle.

The third article stipulated that “the President of the Republic, by a decision from him, determines the shape of the flag of the main branches of the armed forces, and the military regulations determine the shape of the flags of the various units and authorities, the conditions for their use and the glorification that must be performed for them. military, as regulated by military regulations.”

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The fourth article said that “with due regard to international norms, the flag shall be raised at the headquarters of the Presidency of the Republic, the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, ministries, authorities, public institutions, local administration units, parliaments, courts houses, embassies, consulates and Egyptian representation offices abroad, at crossings, customs and border points, and at the official residence of the President Republic, and on any means of transportation he is traveling on, while performing his duties.”