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by steps| Ways to transfer from “iOS” to Android.. Get to know them

09:00 pm

Monday 29 November 2021


Usually, the user has to transfer personal data between smartphones, when buying a new model and abandoning the old device. The process of transferring data is very easy when the new model works with the same operating system as the old device, but the situation is very different when you want to move from the “iOS” operating system to the Google Android system and vice versa.

Martin Gubin, from the German Authority for Testing Goods and Products, explained that there are three ways to transfer from the work environment of the Apple iOS system to the Google Android operating system, and the first method is through the Google Drive cloud computing service, and the second method is through transfer applications, Which comes pre-installed on a lot of new smartphones, or other paid software. In the third method, the transfer between the two smartphone operating systems is done manually

Google Drive

If the user relies on the Google Drive cloud computing service, he must install the application from the App Store on the old iPhone, after which all the data that he wants to transfer to the new smartphone is uploaded, and Martin Gubin confirmed that this method is the fastest and most effective way comfort.

The advantage of this method is that contacts, photos and calendar entries are stored in the cloud. This process may take several hours, and therefore, Blasius Kawalkoski, from the German magazine “Inside Digital.D”, advises that the smartphone battery should be fully charged and that the phone is connected to the Wi-Fi network.

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In the event that the owner of the iPhone does not have a Google account, it is better to create a new account; Because it will be necessary to use the new Android phone, and when performing data backups, the user must use the same account on the new phone.

However, this method has a drawback in matters related to privacy and data protection, and Martin Gubin explained, “The user may not feel comfortable when all his data is stored on Google’s servers.”

Corporate Applications

The German expert confirmed that there are many other alternatives to the Google Drive service; Where companies that produce smartphones provide their own applications that help the user transfer data, such as the Samsung Smart Switch application, Huawei Phone Clone and LG Mobile Switch, and the data transfer process takes place wirelessly or by cable, and the user may need an adapter in some cases.

The German Authority for Testing Goods and Products confirmed that the process of transferring contacts, calendar, photos and video data is very easy through the applications of companies producing smartphones, especially the Samsung Smart Switch application, but some gaps may appear in the data that is transferred, and therefore Martin Gubin advises to make copies Back up data, whether on cloud computing services, external hard disks or computers memory, before transferring data from the old smartphone to the new model.

However, applications cannot transfer all data, as well as the Google Drive cloud computing service, for example, applications cannot transfer data for instant communication applications such as WhatsApp and iMessage, as well as notes or payment applications, and this problem appears with the WhatsApp application in particular, and the bugs of Jurge Vertgen from c’t magazine said: “The necessary backup files are not compatible between Apple’s iOS and Google Android.”

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Paid programs

“Some companies have developed special programs for this, but they are often expensive,” added Jörg Vertgen. Examples of such paid programs are Wazzappmigrator, Mobiletrans or Backuptrans.

And if the “WhatsApp” application is so important that it invites the user to invest some expenses in it, the full service package for these programs can be purchased, which also transmits SMS text messages, appointments, contacts and photos.

Data backup

The importance of data backup appears when the user wants to keep the chat history, and this is done by exporting individual conversations and sending the contents to the user’s email, and less problems may appear with some other instant messaging applications such as Telegram or Threema when transferring from Apple “i” OS to Google Android, and the disadvantage of Signal is that it has the same degree of complexity as the WhatsApp application.

The Facetime application does not work in the Google Android system environment, which also applies to the iMessage application, and as for the SMS text messaging service from Apple, it has no equivalent in the Google work environment, so the user must, before switching between the two operating systems, disable the iMessage service on the phone iPhone, otherwise SMS messages from Apple users will not reach the new smartphone.

With regard to applications when transferring data from an iPhone to an Android device, the matter is divided into two parts; Where free applications can be downloaded from the Google Play application store with ease on the new device, even the Samsung Smart Switch application does this automatically when transferring data, but the results of the games are not transferred, if they are not stored in the Internet account, and the user must also Buy back paid apps.

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On the other hand, the user can transfer subscriptions to music and video services to the Google Android phone easily, when the reservations are made with the providers of these services directly, even the Apple Music service itself works on Android phones, but if the subscriptions are booked and paid for through Apple, it In this case, the user must cancel the subscription before switching to the new Android phone, and then re-contract these services with the companies directly.

Since notes cannot be transferred easily, German expert Martin Gubin advises that the contents in an email should be copied and stored manually, so that this data is not lost.

In general, Jörg Vertgen advises the user to leave the old iPhone in the drawer for a month or two to verify that the data transfer process has been successful and that he no longer needs his old device, after which the settings can be returned to factory mode so that all data on the iPhone is deleted before selling or giving it to others.