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Koronavirus a sport

Bykova says goodbye to the extra league. She has to play in Japan and loves New Zealand

Czech Softball Association

Beginnings in the Land of Sunrise were not easy. Bykova faced a language barrier, struggling with the epidemic and loneliness. “For the first time in my life at Toyota, I was only responsible for softball. On the one hand it was great, on the other hand it was weird. In the morning and evening, sports, there is no relaxation factor,” says Offspring Shark. She spoke to her teammates through an interpreter. “Since she hardly speaks English and I have reservations in Japanese, it was hard for me to find friends I couldn’t go anywhere, so no one talks to me.” In the end, I found friends in the cabin, everything was sporty. “The softball’s speech is the same everywhere, and everyone knows what is being said. But our relationship has not deepened.”

Another problem was the low Pekova game loads. From Europe, Taiwan and New Zealand, she used to always be above the board and suddenly got involved in just three games of the short season. “It was a big team with six shooters. That’s a lot of matches,” says the softball player, who brought a bronze medal to the Czech Republic, and did not expect another participation in Japan.

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“Third place was a disappointment for the club. We won the main part with an overview and had to win the gold,” said the player, who already knew in November that she was not going back to the Toyota Red Terrier.” I was wondering what would happen next. Then he called. Iyo Bank, and I said I’d like to try.”

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Awaiting a slight dip in fame, Iyo Bank took seventh place last year, but the courtship has other advantages. “I will go to work in the morning. In the international department of the bank, I will gain more experience that will be useful when I finish playing sports,” explains Bykova. And she won’t lose out on softball either – she’ll train every afternoon and play matches on the weekends. m is attracted to such a life ”, he emphasizes.

just to make it happen. Returning to the land of the samurai makes her uncomfortable with COVID-19. “I should have been there a long time ago. The spring season is over in mid-May, and autumn begins in September, so I would like to leave in mid-August,” he plans. It mainly depends on the visa.” Now it is handled by a Japanese sports agency. The conditions are very strict. I am applying for vaccinations, maybe all of this speeds up the process.”

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Beck will also need freedom of movement around the world for love. During her time in New Zealand, she found a partner. Their relationship is now undergoing a difficult test – they last saw each other in February 2020. “We call each other several times a day. There is nothing else to do. New Zealand is still closed due to the pandemic,” sighs the support of the national team, who wants to be firmly grounded Permanent in a country in the southwest Pacific.” If everything could be put together, I would like to live in the Czech Republic. I am at home here. It would be difficult for him to apply in our country,” he explains why the drastic change. “I speak English well, I can live there normally. It will be easier for both of them.”

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This does not mean that it cuts the roots of the homeland. He is now training on his original arm and preparing to start the overtime league. “I’m looking forward to starting the competition. I haven’t played with the girls in a long time. It’s another thing when I take charge of my dad’s team. We’ve grown up together, I have a sister in her, look, and have fun,” he says excitedly. The difference from the professional and amateur approach is not noticed. I don’t feel like I can see around me

“There are some shortcomings,” he points out. The girls will call from Ladynis Ebi on Saturday, Trutnov on Sunday. “I am happy that we will start at home. I honestly do not care who I play against now, the main thing is that we will play at the end.”

Just a few duels for the main part, then focus with the national team and the championship in Italy. Pekova likely won’t be playing the Czech Republic’s highest-grossing playoff. Yet he knows the club’s ambitions well. “Since 2016, we still hold the medal positions. We won the gold medal three times, and last year we were one step closer to the finals and won the bronze. So I am not afraid to say that we are aiming for the highest again.”