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Calls for the expulsion of the British ambassador to Libya

Caroline Horndal

Libyan activists launched a hashtag on social media calling for the expulsion of the British ambassador, Caroline Horndal, from their country, after the statement of the London embassy in support of the national unity government until the elections.

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Britain confirms its position on the Libyan unity government

Within a few hours of issuing the British embassy’s statement, via its Twitter account, the hashtag #Expel_British_Ambassador_from_Libya was issued, the most frequently traded list on the site, in response to what the activists described as “unacceptable transgression.”

One of the activists said in a tweet that “what the British embassy has said about its recognition and support for the Dabaiba government until the elections are held, should not go unnoticed.”

He continued: “Demonstrations in all Libyan cities against this blatant interference!”

Another activist added: “The active national forces in the east, west and south must urgently meet and put aside their political differences in order to save the homeland. The homeland will not be saved by the bloggers’ tweets or their publications. .

In another tweet, the head of the Supreme Authority of the National Forces Alliance, Tawfiq Al-Shehibi, considered: “The statements of the British ambassador on Independence Day, which necessarily represent her country’s position, are a blatant interference that shows a lack of respect and the lowest degree of diplomatic interaction between countries.”

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Activists stressed that “Libya is not an English boycott. The expulsion of the British ambassador from Libya should be a popular demand for popular demonstrations to embarrass prone politicians.”

This attack comes after a tweet by the London Embassy in Tripoli on Twitter yesterday, Friday, in which it said that the United Kingdom strongly supports the Libyan-led and owned electoral process, and supports the work of the Special Adviser to the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Stephanie Williams, after the country’s High National Elections Commission suggested, The presidential poll, scheduled for Friday, has been postponed to January 24.

On Thursday, the UN Special Adviser to Libya demanded, in a statement published by the UN mission, that the current challenges related to the electoral process not undermine the stability that has been achieved in the past months.

The chancellor expressed her readiness to “work with the relevant Libyan institutions and a wide range of concerned parties to confront these challenges through good offices and mediation efforts.”

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Source: RT