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Camels walking among the mountains..a wonderful sight in northern Saudi Arabia

Camels walking among the mountains..a wonderful sight in northern Saudi Arabia

The Jeddah migration is one of the most beautiful wilderness sites in Saudi Arabia, with its scattered mountain range, extending from the north of the Kingdom to the borders of Jordan, in the middle of a pure desert with golden sand.

The area combined within it the diversity of terrain, from caves sloughed between rocks, to a series of trees surrounded by sand.

As it caught the attention of nature lovers, it enchanted photographers, including “Hatem Al-Balawi”, who was attracted by camel walks between its desert.

He told Al that the region is distinguished by its splendor of unique mountain formations, red sand that reflects the color of the rocks, and the abundance of caves and caves.

He also added that it is considered one of the Saudi sites in which a number of pre-Islamic inscriptions were observed.

Mountain formations in Jeddah

Camel’s march

As for the camel scenes that he documented with his lens, he explained that that site drew his attention to a large extent, so he planned a filming trip documenting those scenes.

He stressed that the pictures he took of camels there reflected an unparalleled geographical diversity in the migration of his grandfather

Jeddah mountains hug the desert

Jeddah mountains hug the desert

He also explained that lovers of road trips are usually keen to go to the Jeddah migration, and spend the most beautiful times there, taking advantage of the excellent weather there, as the summer temperatures are moderate at night and tend to be cold in the winter.

He stressed that the most beautiful thing you see there is the scenes of rain falling on the mountains, turning them into waterfalls that are impressive in their view.

Red sand between the mountains of Jeddah

Red sand between the mountains of Jeddah

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Inscriptions and writings

In addition, he revealed that these sites contain many inscriptions and inscriptions, which indicate the historical legacy they contain of importance to researchers in the history probes.

The inscriptions tell of the development of the Arabic language, which was later known as the Hasma’i dialect, an Arabic dialect similar to the Nabataean dialect.