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Cameron Eupangs talks about the crown on Netflix "I don't know I want to be in that family"

Cameron Eupangs talks about the crown on Netflix “I don’t know I want to be in that family”


Do you want to travel to a country on the orange list? Our readers asked us

The traffic light system has been re-examined due to conflicting interpretations of the “amber list” location in countries such as France, Spain, Greece and the United States. If you agree to enter the country for recreational purposes and are happy to be isolated when you return, you are legally permitted to go on vacation to the “Amber List” destination. You can also get travel insurance to these places if the FCDO does not recommend you to travel there. However, both Boris Johnson and Health Minister Matt Hancock begged the public not to travel to a country on the amber list, except for “serious” reasons such as caring for a dying relative. “You shouldn’t go on vacation to the amber list,” Johnson told lawmakers. The Department of Transportation says you “should not travel” to these countries, as the Secretary of Transportation Grand Shops did. However, these are only guidelines, not laws – which means some travel agents operate regular flights to these destinations and many more are still operating. In fact, The Telegraph’s Charles Haimas reported that 300,000 people would travel to the “Amber List” countries by Sunday. The question remains: is it irresponsible to go on vacation to the goal of the amber list? Or if you look at the facts, you can insure yourself and be happy in isolation, do you have permission to travel? Read what your fellow readers have to say and then share your thoughts in the comments section at the bottom of this article. Discussion in amber-listed countries “All my friends go on vacation to amber-listed countries” @ Jennifer Lincy Ewing “I had dinner with a group of friends last night. Over the next few weeks there was a very exciting discussion about the upcoming holidays for all. .No one mentions hesitation to go because the UK government thought. Enough. “Do it illegally or I will go.” Brian Lambert My family and I have been registered on a remote Greek island for two weeks since June 6. We have all been vaccinated twice. We all agreed to act on the request.Pay the awful cost of the “approved” tests as soon as we return. S, whether it is illegal or I “I will go!” “The government has no right to sue” .எல் C.L. Taylor said, “I’m going to Florida to see my 90 – year – old mother with Alzheimer’s disease. She’s crying, she’s looking at me. Neither the government nor anyone else has the right to judge why people want to travel. The Netherlands seems safe to me “@ Brian Carpet” I will decide for myself, thank you. The Netherlands and the Czech Republic seem to be much safer now, Poland certainly is not. I don’t need Hancock to tell me what to do. “” This is a guide, “said Adam.” Order only … advice. If traveling to the countries listed in the Orange is illegal, people can travel. “It’s time to dump her and move on.” ”Andrew Badger. “Unleash a fun horror. On Saturday I will go to Hungary with my family, wife and son via Euro Tunnel, France, Germany and Austria. I will complete the required PCR test on Thursday. Two days after we return, we will be isolated for 5 months. Days (In Hungary) and 10 days on the way back (in the UK) .We spend a beautiful and precious time with a distant family, almost without any danger to us or our balls (we are already fully vaccinated) .Release Boris.It’s all for you to follow you Let’s ignore it and start living again. “It’s a little dangerous.” Bill Essex “Incredible, it works, no, it’s gone! I’m out as soon as they open the door to America to see my daughter! If you are isolated when you return, let it be! “Double vaccines, so there is little risk. “I’m going. I will follow all the rules.” CC “Do not travel” My God, they are ashamed, I do not care to read them. It is planned to go on the orange holiday list and go if not illegal. I will monitor the isolation and do four tests. “Readers are still on the fence.” Why are there countries that mention amber? “Maria Franிகois” is the third week my husband and I have jumped on the Greek islands in June. When we first heard the government’s announcement about the traffic light system, we explained the word “amber”, which means you can choose to travel, but you must follow the UK Government’s instructions when you return. It is now very frustrating to hear that the government does not recommend traveling to any amber place. We feel that it is not entirely clear how the government initially closed the traffic lighting system, which is one reason to confuse the people in our country. In our opinion, we think the government should have introduced only green and red countries. We are currently sitting on the fence for another government announcement in the hope of adding Greece or the Greek islands to the green list. “I’m more confused than ever.” Thanks so much to Ed Vavsonek, Boris and Matt. I was even more confused as to whether I could continue my long journey to Poland on the last day of May, or forget all together and live with the fact that I would be 152 pounds worse. Because I paid a lot for the ticket. Unfortunately, since I have a long-term disability and no income, I rely on savings and I can’t afford these expensive PCR tests. “Controversy over holidays in amber-listed countries” No time now “Helen Smith” These companies should be prosecuted and isolated after 14 days on vacation. No no no. Like selfishness, those in this country have not yet been vaccinated and young people have given up a lot to save their lives, and now they can stay without leave in Spain for a few more weeks until the injection comes. “It’s very clear – do not go,” said Brian Kate. “The government was absolutely clean not to travel to amber list countries – no mess IMHO – if you’re stupid to do so, do it!” Should people go abroad the next day to ease the restrictions without the help of ‘Mark Nile’? And promoted Johnson’s subtle rules and regulations on selfish and abusive human behavior. “Going on vacation is not a good reason to travel to an amber country.” A Paul Miller “It’s not confusing. What politicians say is confusing and his next government PR is a disaster. What does the Cabinet PR Committee do? I thought this was fixed, but there is still the same stagnant approach to standard messaging. The traffic light system is simple. The reasons why you travel to each country are explained, what you should do before departure and after return. Traveling on vacation is not the perfect reason to travel to a country marked in orange. Holidays are allowed only in countries rated as green. “

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