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Cameroon’s ambassador to Cairo: The relations between the two countries are historical and invites Egyptian businessmen

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Saturday, May 20, 2023 03:27 PM

Cameroon’s ambassador to Egypt, Mohamedou Labering, affirmed the depth of the relations between his country and Egypt, which he described as “distinguished and historical”. He thanked the Egyptian authorities for facilitating the evacuation of Cameroonian citizens from Sudan..

In an interview with a limited number of journalists today, Saturday, on the occasion of Unity Day, which falls on the twentieth of May of each year, the ambassador praised Egypt’s support for all African countries, referring to what President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi confirmed that Egypt will restore its leading role in Africa..

Ambassador Labring, Dean of the African Diplomatic Corps in Cairo, praised the cooperation between the two countries in various political and cultural fields, recalling that relations began in 1960, and Cameroon opened an embassy in Cairo in the same year..

He explained that the relations between Egypt and Cameroon are developing in many sectors, pointing out that the economic relations do not rise to the desired level, especially in light of the great potentials that the two countries possess, and despite the presence of direct flights by EgyptAir between Cairo and Douala three times a week, which is one of It is also supposed to contribute to enhancing trade exchange.

The Cameroonian ambassador called on Egyptian businessmen to invest in his country and take advantage of the available facilities and potentials that Cameroon abounds with, pointing out that there are many Egyptian companies that invest in Cameroon, but we want more..

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He added that Egypt and Cameroon share the same views on international issues, especially in light of their membership in the United Nations and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and their being founding members of the Organization of African Unity, which later turned into the African Union, explaining that the two countries share principles and call for peace, freedom, fighting racism and non-interference. in the country’s international affairs .

The Cameroonian ambassador to Egypt referred to the close coordination between the two countries at all levels regarding all regional and international issues of common interest, describing the relations as “historic”, as Egypt supported the liberation movement until independence and many of Cameroon’s independence leaders resided in Egypt..

He pointed out that the participation of an Egyptian military band today in the military parade held in Cameroon on the occasion of Unity Day, at the invitation of President Paul Biya, reflects the depth of the relations between the two countries. .

The Cameroonian ambassador stated that the two countries signed last October an agreement for defense and security in light of the common challenges we face, foremost of which is terrorism, and because Egypt has great experience in this field and the fact that it also possesses an army that is the first in the Arab world. .

He said that an Egyptian delegation headed by Ambassador Mohamed Al-Badri, Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs for African Affairs, visited Cameroon more than a week ago within the framework of the political consultation mechanism, which discusses all areas of cooperation and discusses issues of common interest..During the visit, an agreement was signed to exempt visas for diplomats from the two countries.

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He referred to the facilities provided by Egypt to help Cameroonian citizens and Africans in general who were in Sudan to evacuate and cross into Egyptian territory and from there to their country. He pointed out that the group of African ambassadors in Cairo held a meeting last week with Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry, where the ambassadors expressed their thanks and gratitude. To all the Egyptian authorities that contributed to the crossing of citizens from Sudan.

With regard to Sudan, the ambassador described the situation in Sudan as “difficult”, expressing hope that a solution to the Sudanese crisis would be reached soon..

The ambassador reviewed the history of Cameroon until independence and then the union that took place on May 20, 1972 to become the United Republic of Cameroon after a popular referendum..

Today, Saturday, the embassy organized a celebration on the occasion of Unity Day, in conjunction with the military parade taking place in the capital, Yaoundé, with the participation of Cameroonian President Paul Biya, in the presence of the Cameroonian community..

The celebration began with the playing of the national anthem of Cameroon and the raising of the flag, where the ambassador said – in his speech on this occasion – that the embassy was keen to broadcast the military parade and the celebrations held in the capital so that the Cameroonian citizens residing in Egypt could share this important occasion for the country..