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Camping for the undemanding: The inexpensive Czech camper Mini K Sport Plus will provide a roof over your head

We enjoy camping, so we bought a diesel Peugeot 508 with a ball a while back and set out to explore our country with the aim of finding interesting trailers. Our busy highway and small-town travels took us this time to the outskirts of Prague, where the Mini K Sport Plus trailer was waiting for us.

The total curb weight is 750kg (work around 450kg), so you only need a category B driver’s licence.

It’s built by Czech company Carox+ and uses its own bases paired with an AL-KO axle for construction. The car can also be braked, and is equipped with shock absorbers and mounting feet. The advantage is also the reduced weight of about 450 kg and the Czech approval of a speed of 130 km / h.

The piston body is made of aluminum alloy insulated with polystyrene and finished on the inside with glued plywood. The entire structure is washable, there are no water-absorbing materials in it, and we also have a five-year warranty against leaks. That is, if you go to the manufacturer in Ústí nad Labem for service every year.

The trailer is protected by a five-year watertight warranty subject to regular service center inspection visits.

The exterior is also decorated with LED lights, lighting, die-cast or steel wheels, and other gadgets. We are talking, for example, about a storage box or bike carrier. Naturally, the tested piece has windows with blinds, insect netting (side and roof) and a fuel tank for independent heating.

Better than a tent

As you can see, the dominant feature of the interior is the bed.

Dimmable LED lighting welcomes you inside, there are also electrical sockets, bed 140 x 200 cm, under bed storage space, door wardrobes with presser bar, hanging system, 20 liter fridge and hanging shoe rack.

Don’t look here for a sink or stove. This housing was created primarily for storing things and spending the night. The manufacturer calculates that you will spend the rest of the time either outside or in the optional tent vestibule.

Don’t look here for a stove or sink, just storage spaces and an optional fridge.

The dwelling could also be updated with heating, solar panels, a better battery, as well as factory equipment that you didn’t configure initially. The construction is modular, which is why the caravan can be easily modified.

However, the manufacturer does not recommend home improvements, which are popular, for example, with Turkish residents. Ústí is trying to offer trailers so you don’t have to worry about anything anymore.

Storeroom doors are gas strut supported.

You can buy a Mini K Sport Plus motorhome on the platform with a waiting period of 6 to 8 months, starting at CZK 230,000 including taxes. When it comes to borrowing, this option certainly exists, but you need to prepare 900 CZK per day.