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Can science fiction come true and turn people into zombies?

Written by Amal Allam

Wed, 08 March 2023 10:30 AM

Cordyceps is a type of fungus that includes 400 species, all of which are internal parasites, and parasitize mainly on insects and arthropods, and a few of them parasitize on other fungi, and these fungi are used in ancient Asian and Chinese medicine.

According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, the series The Last of Us It may represent a reality, and the zombie fungus infects people as it affects the ants in the series and turns them into zombies.

The newspaper reveals the seriesThe Last of Us About a world in which “zombie” fungi have evolved to infect humans, but these terrifying creatures already exist in nature, and during the work the two heroes try to escape from the United States, which was invaded by fungi..

And the newspaper explained, the fungus, which is called Cordyceps, works similarly in the real world, but it only infects ants, and the fungus infiltrates the ant’s muscles and spreads through its body, and eventually takes control of its brain. infected fungus on fellow ants.

The paper said, instead The Last of Us It is science fiction, mycologists said that Cordyceps is only 3 steps away from putting humans in Zombie-like conditionThese steps include changes in body temperature, structure, and the immune system.

Experts reveal 3 things that would make the zombie fungus that the series talked about The Last Of Us reality.