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Can Spain enter the red list?  What is the increase in government lawsuits when you return to the UK for an upcoming travel update?

Can Spain enter the red list? What is the increase in government lawsuits when you return to the UK for an upcoming travel update?

Large number of vacationers It has been confirmed that those returning from Spain are in dangerThis raises concerns that the UK’s most popular overseas travel destination is in danger of moving to the red list.

According to new statistics, more than one in every 35 passengers traveling from Spain to the UK is diagnosed with the virus.

Data from the NHS and Trace Test show that 2.9 per cent of travelers to the holiday hotspot have had a positive test at some point during the first 10 days in the UK.

The desirable rate is lower in Spain than in the United Kingdom. However, the positive rate for those on British vacation is 2.9 per cent higher than the average rate for those living in the UK, which is currently 1.2 per cent, according to the latest Office for National Statistics.

When can Spain enter the red list?

Next Travel update There are still fifteen days. The latest announcements come on Wednesday The Minister of Transport announced the changes in the supermarkets List of traffic signals via threaded tweets. Mr. Scobes has promised not to make any changes to the list that preceded it.

Are you worried about the differences in Spain?

No, there is currently no concern about new or emerging varieties in Spain. According to the latest statistics on health data sharing efforts A masterThe delta variant is the most common strain, causing 98 percent of infections.

What is the infection rate in Spain?

Infection rate in Spain Regresses smoothly From mid-July. Seven-day cyclical rates rose to an average of about 27,000 on July 19, after which they fell to more than 15,000.

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Since deltoids are now the most common strain across the country, the impact of this type of infection is now described in terms of infection rates across the country.

Unlike other countries such as Greece, Spain has already increased the number of cases due to epidemiological variability because deltoids are more common in response to an increase in epidemics.

In the last seven days, the incidence of coyote has increased from 236 per 100,000 in Spain to 296 per 100,000 in the UK.

How will the latest return passenger figures affect government decision-making?

Government scholars Holidaymakers who have recently returned from Spain will definitely notice that it is almost two and a half times higher than the average person in the UK.

However, there are still two weeks until the next travel update, and any decisions will be made based on the latest analyzed data. Joint shelter.

NHS test and infection rate data monitoring travelers returning from Spain reflect desirable infections that occurred in Spain during the recent July peak.

By the time supermarkets announced the next change to their traffic lights in two weeks, rates had dropped dramatically.