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Canada extends its participation in the International Space Station until 2030

The Canadian government has formally committed to extending its participation in the International Space Station through 2030, joining other Western partners, but not Russia.

As part of the summit meeting in Ottawa between Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and President Joe Biden, the two governments confirmed that Canada will participate in the International Space Station through 2030 as part of a renewed commitment to space exploration, including contributions to the Moon led by NASA.

Defining comprehensive cooperation between the two countries: “Prime Minister Trudeau has agreed to extend Canada’s commitment to the International Space Station (ISS) and support science on the Lunar Gateway,” the Canadian government said in a statement. “Our country’s continued participation in the ISS and Lunar Gateway reinforces Canada’s global leadership in robotics in space and on Earth.

At the end of 2021, the White House announced its intention to extend the operations of the International Space Station until 2030. Since then, the United States has been working with its major partners to confirm their participation in the station after the previously agreed date of 2024. The Japanese government officially approved the extension in November 2022. It was followed shortly thereafter by the European Space Agency at its ministerial meeting.

Canada was also expected to agree to an extension, with timing the only issue. “No one expected Canada to make a decision before the United States or even the European Space Agency or even the European Space Agency or Roscosmos”.

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He added that a White House announcement at the time would allow the agency to “suggest options and reach a decision at the appropriate time,” but did not give a timeline for doing so.