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Canada has called on the Rapid Response Team to prevent cyber-attacks

Canada has called on the Rapid Response Team to prevent cyber-attacks

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The Canadian government on Friday called on a group of seven countries to set up a rapid response group on cyber security, which could help set back attacks following the Ukraine invasion.

The Canadian Minister of Innovation, Franுவாois-Philippe Champagne, suggested that the G7 nations in Germany should gather expertise to prevent attacks and protect important information technology infrastructure.

Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Digital Technology Mikhail Fedorov almost joined the G7 summit, which Champagne says emphasized not only the sympathy of Canada and its allies, but also its willingness to act.

Champagne has called on cybersecurity agencies in Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia and New Zealand – known as the Five Eyes – to create a quick response team following warnings that sanctions against Russia could expose them to cybercrime.

Speaking after the meeting, the Minister said that the proposed Cyber ​​Security Task Force would help better prepare Canada and its allies to prevent cyber-attacks now and in the future. ? “
He said the G7, which includes the United Kingdom, the United States and Germany, discussed what happened in Ukraine and learned from the experiences of other countries that have experienced cyber-attacks.

Last month, the US Cyber ​​Security and Infrastructure Security Agency reported on its website about sanctions against Russia and the United States and the support of its allies for Ukraine, leading to cyber-attacks.