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Capricorn and black will thrive. How do we do in the quiet Taurus?

a woman: A sensual seducer, without learning him, emotional, possessive tendencies, jealous, practical, does not believe in platonic love, stubborn and perseverance, loves luxury and comfort and suffices from everything, loves to drink, drink and be nourished, feelings are constant and strong, do not look for relationships Short term, good cook.

a leg: Stubborn, stubborn, constructive, not afraid of hard work, purposeful, emotional-based, but prone to domination. She loves comfort, good food and drink. He is kind, wants value for his money, has a developed common sense, protects his possessions, and hates when he has to say goodbye to something.

The sign of Taurus is given by mixing the elements of earth and water. If we mix these two elements together, an elastic mixture is formed, which, after being fired into the oven, for example, acquires a solid shape and can serve as a useful container.

Bulls prefer to be in a harmonious and fun environment, they are blunt and demanding of their comfort, and they tend to have an artistic background. They are economists and economists.

Few can get rid of them and it takes so long to really upset they are always smiling and cool, they love to enjoy the joys of life. But when they get angry, it is best to get out of their way. They are not able to use foul language, but their energy is destructive.

In addition to stability, patience, perseverance, and the art of cooperation and practical thinking, people born in Taurus also have their weaknesses. They are lazy, relaxed, selfish, greedy, stubborn, weary, envious and long in anger.

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