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Car news: a concept without doors, with a new logo and of course electric

Pininfarina's theory

The first virtual concept of a famous studio

The Pininfarina Teorema concept was developed exclusively using virtual reality and is therefore a completely new expression of autonomous electric mobility, which aims to support the interaction between passengers and the environment.

The theory measures 1.4m in height and 5.5m in length under 10cm, so it’s a good piece of car. Of course, the aerodynamics were tuned with the help of simulations and masterfully designed to make the car as efficient as possible. The car is designed from the inside out and the interior resembles a rest room with different layout options.

It is interesting that the car enters from the rear and has no side doors. Then the benches were designed by the well-known Italian furniture manufacturer Poltrona Frau. The theory is completely independent from a driving point of view and offers three basic driving modes – Autonomy, Driving and Comfort. The glass surfaces and smart interior were designed by Continental and provide the virtual concept with important functions in terms of user comfort and safety.

The slide buttons are hidden under the car’s interior surface and only appear when the driver passes his hand over them. Each button has a slightly different shape, allowing the driver to easily identify it without taking his eyes off the road.

The use of smart glass in the rear of the car allows the occupants to enjoy privacy and to regulate the light that penetrates the car from the outside, and thus gives them the opportunity, also thanks to the flat-folding seats, to create a comfortable cocoon in which they can rest. Pininfarina Teorema exemplifies the potential in digital vehicle development, thanks to a faster and more efficient design process. In the coming weeks, the car will be shown at presentations for Italian and international customer groups.

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