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Car of the Week photo: Audi’s ghostly concept extends and drives itself

The attractive concept will surely be one of this year’s major accomplishments in the realm of automobile dreams. The Skysphere is a true crossover – a roadster, a Granturismo and a car of the future in one.

The description of Electric Ghost begins with “Audi cars will be transformed into experience spaces.” Being the first representative of a new family of four-circuit concepts. Next year, the Audi grand space will arrive, followed by the Audi urbansphere.

“The interior will be transformed into an interactive space and the car will become a platform for great experiences,” says Audi, emphasizing that driving and traditional car systems have been forgotten. Despite the fact that the idea of ​​fully automated driving has already been postponed by automakers, Audi, which invested a lot of money and energy in its development, has not yet given up.

“The Skysphere concept embodies the new definition of luxury offered by the Audi brand. Where it is no longer just about driving and driving,” sums up the automaker. The Skysphere aims to deliver great driving for travel and sports.

The most interesting technical specialty is the variable wheelbase (and hence the length) in the range of 250 mm. At the same time, the ground clearance changes by 10 mm.

In single-driver mode, the electric roadster has a length of 4.94 meters. The second option is the “Grand Touring” automated driving mode, in which the study extends to 5.19 meters and the computer takes over the control. The steering wheel and pedals move to a position where they are out of sight. The width is two meters and the height in sport mode is 1.23 meters.

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“The California premiere will take place in a semi-home environment, where the concept car was designed by the Audi design studio in Malibu, near the legendary Pacific Coast Highway, which connects the Los Angeles suburbs with Northern California. Studio president, Gail Posen, and his team are responsible for designing The study,” describes Jerry Rozkoschny, a spokesperson for the Czech representation of the brand.

Legendary classic cars from Audi history – such as the Horch 853 Roadster – are said to have served as inspiration for Pebble Beach.

Horch had an in-line eight-cylinder with a displacement of 5 liters in the massive bow. The latest Audi study has electric motor components under a long hood that defines the entire car’s silhouette, as well as a large luggage compartment with two golf bags designed specifically for the skyscraper.

The drive is provided by an electric motor located in the area of ​​u200bu200bthe driven rear axle. The maximum power is 465 kW and the torque is 750 Nm. A car with a weight of 1800 kg (60% of the car’s weight on the rear wheels) sprints from 0 to 100 km / h in 4 seconds. The battery modules are located behind the cab and in the middle tunnel between the seats.

“The expected capacity of the battery pack is more than 80 kWh, which is enough in Grand Touring economy mode to cover more than 500 km on a single charge,” adds Jiří Rozkošný.

The front and rear wheels are suspended on pairs of cross-arms. The upper and lower wishbones are forgings or castings made of aluminum alloy. Steering is provided by the “Steer-by-Wire” system (without mechanical connection between the steering wheel and wheels), which controls both the front and rear wheels.

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Comfort is provided by adaptive air suspension with three independent air chambers. “During sports driving with high acceleration, the individual chambers can be deactivated. As a result, the properties of the springs are more advanced and the transverse and longitudinal movements of the body can be suppressed to a minimum,” explains Roskoschny.

The active chassis works with the navigation system’s predictions to prepare each wheel’s suspension for uneven passing. Tires 285/30 are mounted on 23-inch wheels.