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Car of the Week photo: Ferrari debuts with a six-cylinder

It’s a major revolution, with the novelty of the six-cylinder being added to the eight- and twelve-cylinder models. It is the first serial Ferrari six-cylinder road model in history. To be precise, the six-cylinder was also the legendary Dino – Ferrari from the turn of the ’60s and ’70s. However, the beautiful sports car was not named Ferrari at the time, and Enzo did not want it. He named the car after his beloved son, who died at a young age. Dino was a kind of “babyferrari”, a hall of the exclusive world under the sign of a jumping stallion.

This novelty is Ferrari with everything. It hides a traditional coding in the name: the first two digits indicate the engine volume in deciliters, and the six digits indicate the number of cylinders. GTB is the traditional name for Gran Turismo Berlinetta.

The all-new engine, known at Maranello for sound and performance as the “Little V12,” was plug-in hybrid. This is what the times of the day dictate. Thanks to this, the new Ferrari will cover up to twenty-five kilometers with only electricity, and with the combustion engine turned off, its speed can reach 135 km / h.

A three-liter supercharged fork engine positioned behind the crew’s back has an unusual 120-degree slit for the cylinder rows, which has knocked off the center of gravity, and a turbocharger fits between them. The internal combustion engine alone produces 663 hp at eight thousand revolutions (five hundred revolutions later hits the limiter), to which are added another 167 hp and 315 Nm provided by an electric motor inserted between the unit and the eight-speed two-automatic clutch. The battery with the possibility of recharging from the socket has a capacity of 7.45 kWh and is stored under the floor of the car.

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Ferrari experts will reveal that the hybrid system is based in part on the SF90 Stradale, which has two electric motors on the front axle as well as the rear.

By its performance, the novelty thus surpasses even the eight-cylinder models of the brand. From a liter of volume, drivers of cars of the brand managed to extract 221 horsepower, each of which pulls 1.77 kg from the car.

The 296 GTB is meant to be an ingenious game for enthusiast drivers, unlike traditional supersports, which today perform better on the track, they want to be usable every day. Therefore, it is the smallest Ferrari in the current offering, weighing one and a half tons, with a length of 456 cm and a wheelbase of 260 cm, which is five centimeters less than the current medium-engine Ferrari.

Nevertheless, the performances are worthy of a modern Ferrari: the maximum is more than 330 kilometers per hour, a shot from zero to 100 can be done in 2.9 seconds, and a run to two hundred takes 7.3 seconds. Ferrari also mentions the deceleration values: thanks to a high aerodynamic downforce (360 kg at 250 km / h), it brakes 296 GTB from two hundred to 107 metres. The wheels are twenty inches in diameter, the front wheels are 245/35 ZR 20, and the rear wheels are 305/35 ZR 20.

The exterior, formed according to the dictates of aerodynamics, bears references to the past. The interior of the two-seater coupe is minimal, combining the sporty nature of the brand and the urban use of the car.

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The standard version is complemented from the start by an improved version of the Assetto Fiorano with a modified chassis, aerodynamic settings and a weight of twelve kilograms; If you buy more carbon rims, you will save another eight kilograms. In addition, she received special colors and stickers in the style of the 250 Le Mans model.

Ferrari is already collecting orders, and the first parts will reach customers early next year. Prices start at 269 thousand euros without tax i.e. almost seven million crowns, for the Assetto Fiorano version another million is paid almost.