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Car of the Week photo: the famous Lamborghini rebuilt, based on photos and memories

The name Countach was given to one of the most important cars in the history of the brand only later. The philosophy of form, technology and everything else are in harmony with the innovative design of Marcello Gandini. Before the modern supersport started in paint design and aerodynamics, no one knew anything better than a wedge-shaped silhouette. It can be said that over the next thirty years, the creators of super sports developed the idea of ​​Gandini since Kontach.

The model, which celebrates its fiftieth anniversary this year, was honored by a wealthy collector who commissioned the LP 500 to be built in a Lamborghini refurbishment workshop. We won’t know how much it cost him, but Lamborghini mentioned, among other things, that the project took twenty-five thousand hours of work.

The original LP 500 was introduced by Lamborghini at the Geneva Motor Show in 1971 as a style exercise and was not meant to be sent to series production. In 1974, a prototype LP 400 followed, which is actually a Countach series. LP stands for Italian “Longitudionale Posteriore”, which means the engine is mounted longitudinally at the rear. The change in the number means that the volume of the twelve cylinders has been reduced from the original five liters to four.

The original LP 500, which was essentially a life-size design model, the automaker sacrificed a crash test in development in March 1974, then its wreckage vanished into an unknown location, probably disposed of. But in 2017, a secret agent came up with a proposal to put together his copy. So Lamborghini created the LP 500 Twin according to the original designs, but also the memories of those who worked on the original car.

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During construction, the art of the old masters was combined with modern technologies. At that time, they welded the frame from sections of rectangular cross-section, but then serial kontachas were built from tubes of circular cross-section. They used modern technology for maximum accuracy. However, they called in a major bodybuilder with his hands, hammer and other classic tools to cover the frame with aluminum plates. In the workshop with the proud name of Polo storico Lamborghini, they tried to use to the maximum the original parts, new and reconditioned, and in the extreme case those newly manufactured. This also applies to the noisy cylinder twelve, the sound of which you hear in the video.

Modern Countach

The Lamborghini Countach LPI 800-4 was revealed, as the full name suggests, on the 50th anniversary of the original model’s unveiling. A hybrid engine gives it 814 horsepower. Read more.

Lamborghini Countach LPI-800-4

Much of the work was done by Centro Stile Lamborghini. The Mitja Borkert team actually had to redesign the car. “We used publications, photos, and other materials at the time, which we had acquired by Polo storico. Based on them, we were able to generate data to build a mockup. The most difficult thing was capturing the exact size of the vehicle. To do this, we used the 3D scanning capability of the first LP 400 product, Which we had, was a huge source of information for us. It took two thousand hours before we got to the final model with the right shapes. The same was true for the interior”, describes the chief German designer of the brand from Sant’Agata Bolognese.

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It was also difficult to determine the correct shade of paint. After studying the archive of the original paint supplier, they mixed up the “Giallo Fly speciale”.

The same goes for tires. They also indulged in old coils at Pirelli, making the special Cinturato CN12 tires, front size 245/60 R14 and rear 265/60 R14. The style is the same as the original LP 500 tires, but the mix is ​​modern.

The legendary Lamborghini was poorly visible. Not even binoculars helped

Countach Periscopica

Lamborghini Countach Periscopica

Lamborghini Countach Periscopica