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Car windshields, in particular, are subject to Ministry of Commerce checks

On the other hand, the operator of the Ministry of Transport has some concerns, noting that there is still no systematic tool for evaluating individual vehicles. Even a hundred-year-old car, which the vast majority of its technicians have not yet encountered, can get into their queues.

Rep. Zuzana Uwanoff of the ANO said it is a good thing from a safety standpoint when road user vehicles are obligated to undergo the comprehensive inspection process. According to him, the Ministry of Transport is about to make a decision according to which individual vehicles will be evaluated, with a significant time difference between the date of their manufacture. We obviously won’t be sending a Luuko bike to the brake seat. The deputy added that only the technician was wondering if they were wearing shoes.

We will be able to assess the wear if the car is running properly or not,” said J. Rigmon, president of the STK Professional Chamber. Even on the oldest vehicles, acetylene lighting had to be replaced by electric lighting. According to STK, they will be able to cope with it without problems. With an estimated number of 40,000 wind turbines at R and a five-year periodicity, there would be a statistically significant number of these cars per station per MOT. But the problem, according to Rejmon, will be that all ada dl for these cars are asymmetric.

According to the president of the federation, the Vslav Kafka Historic Vehicle Club would be the biggest problem with older models of historic cars. Kafka said that since 1972, when technical inspection stations were introduced, and since that date, technicians have historically recorded the parameters they check. The basic rule that applies to both old and new cars is that they must meet the standards corresponding to the time of their creation.

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Although historical clubs are responsible for the technical condition of the wind, according to Kafka, cars are not allowed to go down the street, but they are obliged to visit a licensed worker. The car is raised, check the fluid level, the seat, the condition of the body. The federation, which represents 6,000 owners of historic vehicles regular in 170 clubs, added that there are anomalies that inspection technicians from the Ministry of Commerce do not encounter.

For example, historic English cars have motor brakes, and therefore are effective only when moving and not when stationary. Others have gimbal brakes, or etzo motors.

Havana effect. But only for the night flight

Insane rules for vets in the form of the obligation to go for a Commerce inspection more often or dramatically cheaper compulsory insurance (pay one-twelfth of statutory insurance) have led some owners of older vehicles to consider putting vet registration marks on their vehicles. Theoretically, they can have a year, for example, the owner of the favorite, and in two years the owner of the first copy of the post-revolution Felicia will also have a year.

According to Kafka, this is what is happening now. On the other hand, the number of such vehicles in operation is relatively low, and the applicant must pass a double check, which separates really valuable collectors’ items from worn items. At the club level, the so-called historical authenticity is examined, that is, whether this car should be a subject of historical interest. In the second round, the ability to work on the ground is assessed.

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Sometimes these are cars in weird condition and people want a cover (veterinary license plate) on them. Then the experts say that if this hunter wants to do it, does it, or accidentally changes the tire, it is possible to talk about whether it is a historic vehicle, or not.