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Carbon storage in the UK .. Plan to take advantage of abandoned oil wells

Carbon storage in the UK .. Plan to take advantage of abandoned oil wells

Abandoned oil and gas wells can be useful in saving carbon from burning fossil fuels as the world seeks to reduce emissions.

In this context, abandoned oil and gas wells in the UK are planned to be turned into test sites for carbon dioxide storage next year, while a group of universities and energy companies are planning to ensure that it does not leak, according to the newspaper. Defender British.

The group, known as Net Zero RISE, is working with fossil fuel companies such as Third Energy and IGAS in Newcastle, Oxford and the University of Durham to achieve carbon neutrality using oil and gas well infrastructure.

Carbon storage

The team identified 20 wells, mainly in Yorkshire and the Midlands, as test sites for carbon capture and small-scale 1,000 tonne storage at depths of 1 to 3 km.

According to the report, the reuse of coastal wells is the fastest and cheapest way to research and improve safe and efficient systems for storing carbon from burning fossil fuels, despite the numerous large reservoirs beneath the North Sea.

It is essential to use this infrastructure for carbon storage purposes because old wells are usually filled with cement, drilling new storage wells is more expensive and leading to a project that carries a certain amount of money, says Richard Davis, a professor at the University of Newcastle. Danger.

Carbon capture and storage

Carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology plays a key role in achieving carbon neutralization and tackling the climate change crisis.

To control global warming to 2 degrees Celsius, carbon capture and storage capacity must increase annually to between 56 billion and 600 million tons by the middle of the century, which today stands at 40 million tons, according to the Global Carbon Capture and Storage Agency’s annual report.

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The UK government’s carbon-neutral strategy aims to capture and store 75 to 175 million tonnes of CO2 per year by 2050.

As the UK strives to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, the British Geological Survey is exploring the underground carbon dioxide storage research laboratory.

Hydrogen storage

In addition to carbon storage, oil and gas wells can be used to estimate how hydrogen is stored underground.

Hydrogen is considered a key factor in the future of the low-carbon economy, and the possibility of storing it underground will ensure a secure energy supply.

The report found that large rock formations are better at storing hydrogen, but the UK has some of these deposits.

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