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Carriers will promote long-distance trains in the Czech Republic and abroad

Carriers will promote long-distance trains in the Czech Republic and abroad

Transportation, which has been restricted due to the Coronavirus crisis, is gradually resuming by other carriers. RegioJet is almost fully operational on the roads between Prague, Ostrava and Kosice, then Prague – Brno – Bratislava / Vienna over the weekend. On the weekend, the night flight from Prague to Kosice also started running daily.

Starting next week, the RegioJet line from Brno to Bohumín will be back to normal. At the end of May, RegioJet will transport its trains to Croatia for the first time this year, selling more than 25,000 tickets. From June 13th, Regiojet trains will start running to Budapest.

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In recent weeks, Leo Express and FlixBus have significantly boosted transportation, for example between Prague and Moravia or trips from the capital to regional cities in the Czech Republic. And they are gradually leaving to Slovakia and other neighboring countries.

Czech Railways began a gradual resumption of traffic in April. Traffic has intensified particularly on the Prague – Ostrava line, for example, the lines from Prague to Bischov, Ship, Cesky Budejovice or Decin are almost fully operational.

From May 20, the railway trains to Vienna, express trains from the capital to Hradec Králové or the youngster via Usti nad Labem will return to the usual schedule. Gradually, regional transportation is also returning to normal.

Part of interstate transportation will return to normal operation as well. A couple of EC Metropolitan trains, which are still operating on the Prague-Praguetúrovo shortcut, will operate again to Budapest. Traffic between Prague and Warsaw will also be boosted, with one pair of Silesian express trains running again every day. From the beginning of June, sleeper cars will also start driving between Prague and Zurich.

Moreover, from mid-June, connections on the Ex7 Prague – eské Budějovice / eský Krumlov line will return to the tracks, and the restrictions on the R23 Kolín – stí nad Labem and R12 Brno – umperk lines will end. Other trains will leave the border again, the full number of connections will run, for example, on the Ex5 Prague – Dresden – Berlin lines, on the Munich line between Prague and Belsen and the Ex1 Prague / Ostrava – Zilina / Banska Bystrica.

It will again be possible to travel to Slovakia with connections from Prague to Kosice and Humene, as a direct sleeper car from Prague to Warsaw will also be included. Traffic will be boosted in July.