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Casemiro .. "wrong decision" cost him 82 minutes!

Casemiro .. “wrong decision” cost him 82 minutes!

Anwar Ibrahim (Cairo)

It seems that Brazilian midfielder Casemiro, the newcomer to Manchester United, is disappointed and regretted his departure from his former team, Real Madrid, and is frustrated by not participating only for a few minutes in the “Red Devils” matches since his arrival at “Old Trafford”, given that the Dutchman Eric Ten Hag, the new coach of United, prefers him to other key players, while he sits in most matches on the “bench”.

Spanish and English press sources close to the player said that Casemiro is not happy with this situation, after he was a key element in the starting line-up of “Merengue”, and played a prominent role in his championships and titles during the past ten years, and effectively contributed to the “Royal” victory with five Champions League “Champions League” during his career with Real Madrid.

The same sources said that Casemiro, since his arrival at Old Trafford last August, has played only 82 minutes in the various competitions in which United participates, and he has only started in one match, and it was in the European League “European League”.
The same sources revealed that Casemiro told those close to him the fact that he deeply regrets leaving Real Madrid, and is even very frustrated because he comes in the ranking tomorrow, Scottish midfielder Scott McTominay, and his regret increases because he left the Champions League with Real Madrid to the European League with United, which He moved away from the English and European elite clubs, as confirmed by the team’s recent result in the Manchester City derby against Manchester City (6/3).
Casemiro admitted that he made the “wrong decision” when he left Real Madrid for Manchester United, and he knows full well that the issue of his return to the Santiago Bernabeu is very difficult, given that he will complete this season 31 years.
It is noteworthy that Manchester United spent more than 70 million euros in order to sign Casemiro, and also gave him a good salary better than his salary in Real Madrid, and it seems that he surrendered to the temptation of money, and did not hesitate to agree to move to the “Red Devils”.

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