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Castle News |  Canon unveils its first smart camera that transforms the way families take pictures

Castle News | Canon unveils its first smart camera that transforms the way families take pictures

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, (“AETOSWire”) Citadel News

Canon has announced the launch of the PowerShot PX, a smart, easy-to-use compact camera that automatically captures high-quality 11.7-megapixel photos and 60-pixel Full HD video. As part of Canon’s ongoing commitment to introducing new concepts in imaging technology, the PowerShot PX is equipped with a range of intelligent features such as automatic capture of still images and videos, transforming the way families capture photos and memories. This smart camera enables families to enjoy and capture the moment, without anyone having to stay behind the lens.

This new easy-to-use camera includes smart functions for documenting social events and daily memories, as it suits all users, whether family photographers or lovers of smart devices. With automatic photo and video capture and person-focused photography, the PowerShot PX is an innovative addition to the home that complements existing cameras, and is a great example of Canon’s technology and forward-thinking features that the company continues to add to its portfolio.

Live the moment with your personal photographer

With its ability to track motion and intelligently identify people to capture natural expressions and reactions, the PowerShot PX is the perfect camera for you if you want to capture life’s precious moments and be in the picture too. Once turned on, the PowerShot PX portable camera can be placed anywhere in the home to capture spontaneous snapshots of everyday moments. And the voice command feature allows full hands-free control to capture still images or dynamic videos.

WEPVWith the PowerShot PX’s simple, portable design, USB-C charging and built-in Wi-Fi connectivity that enables it to connect with other smart devices, this new compact camera can be taken anywhere. The PowerShot PX is equipped with intelligent facial recognition that uses automatic people search to keep your loved ones in the picture and capture photos that you might otherwise miss. The focal length range of 19-57mm and the flexible tilting zoom lens provide a wide field of view of 340° horizontally and 110° vertically for tracking motion.

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Preserve your daily memories

Take a look at the digital memory book of spontaneous moments with the “PowerShot PX” app available on iOS and Android1 and enjoy the recommendations of this smart camera on the best shots to keep. These cherished photos and videos are stored on a memory card, making it easy to download to your computer. Manually control the camera with the app to compose the perfect shot and take pictures from a distance,

All this without having to run back and forth to check the device. Families can also customize the automatic shooting settings, adjust the angle of the lens to capture their own style, and identify familiar faces within the app to prioritize them when shooting. PowerShot PX can also be used as a webcam via the PC Webcam Tool app.2