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علم اجتماع الأردنية يناقش الأعراف المجتمعية وسيادة القانون

Castle News | Jordanian sociology discusses societal norms and the rule of law

castle news –

Deputizing for the President of the University of Jordan, Dr. Nazir Obeidat, the Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Dr. Ismail Al-Zyoud, inaugurated the work of the panel discussion organized by the Department of Sociology at the Faculty of Arts at the University of Jordan and Al-Rai Center for Studies entitled “Social norms between societal recognition and the rule of law.”

The participants agreed on the importance of returning to the good morals of Islam, education and respect for the rule of law in society.
They pointed out that the unity and fabric of the Jordanian people is a fundamental pillar, as it is necessary to stand on a single national identity without ignoring the challenges, the most prominent of which is the demographic and economic structure.

Dr. Ismail Al-Zyoud, during his sponsorship of the episode, started his speech about it, saying that it aims to identify the most important societal issues that we inherited over the past decades and years in Jordan, stressing that part of those issues are still ongoing and working to address an issue or affair, while the other part has caused Social pressure of different dimensions.

Director of the Center for Opinion Studies, Hadi Al-Shobaki, indicated that the discussion seminar came to shed light on the intellectual, legal and procedural rooting in relation to societal norms.

The discussion focused on three themes: the first; Social and Cultural: “Social norms are the absolute power of society,” in which Dr. Ayed Werekat from the Department of Sociology at the university spoke about the change of values ​​in modern Jordanian society and the factors that contributed to the transition from a homogeneous village society to a city society, which led to the weakening of the social fabric in Jordan.

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The former member of the Senate, Sheikh Talal Seitan Al-Mady, focused on the role of “customs in warding off societal conflicts and their harmony with the judiciary,” the advantages of clan justice in litigation, the application of clan custom and the main rules for solving problems, and the approach of clan customs and customs with civil law.

As for the second axis; Religious: “Religion and custom.” His Eminence Sheikh Abdul Karim Al-Khasawneh, the Grand Mufti of the Kingdom, said that clanism existed at the time of the Prophet – may God’s prayers and peace be upon him – and the Islamic state was within certain controls based on the discipline of its children and instilling in them loyalty, belonging, magnanimity and generosity. He added that the clan does not contradict the principle of the rule of law, with a focus on religious faith, which contributes to building society and the family.

As for Father Nabil Haddad, director of the Jordanian Center for Religious Coexistence Research, he explained the role of the church and its teachings in maintaining the rule of law.

As for the third axis; Legal: “Customs and the Law: Points of Convergence and Faces of Conflict,” in which Dr. Fayyad Haddad from the Faculty of Law at the University of Jordan spoke about the legal dimension of tribal customs.

As for the last axis; It dealt with methodological intellectual approaches towards the rule of law, and it was moderated by Hadi Al-Shobaki, Director of the Center for Opinion Studies, and Dr. Rania Jabr, Head of the Sociology Department at the university.

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