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إطلالات كاجوال على طريقة مي عمر

Casual looks in the way of Mai Omar

Egyptian star Mai Omar is keen to appear in the most beautiful looks, whether in her daily life or on the red carpet, and she is distinguished by her remarkable elegance.

And because youthful looks are the most popular and reliable in daily life, whether at work, university or outings with friends, here are the latest casual youth looks from Mai Omar, to be inspired by your daily looks, according to (Madam).

Mai Omar in a casual look in a light coat

The fashion for light coats has gained great popularity in recent times, as the coat is no longer a fashion piece associated with winter looks only, as many international brands have presented elegant and attractive designs for light summer coats.

In an elegant casual look, Mai Omar coordinated a light off-white coat with light blue jeans, torn at the knees, for a modern youthful look.

With this look, Mai Omar adopted white sports shoes, with a shoulder bag that combines black and white.

Mai Omar in a casual look with a leather jacket

The black leather jacket is an essential piece in most girls’ wardrobe, due to its elegance and the ability to coordinate with various winter looks.

In an elegant casual daytime look, Mai Omar coordinated the short black leather jacket, with black skinny jeans, and a black top.

Mai Omar adopted with this look, a short lace-up boot made of black leather, with a dark red shoulder bag, in addition to sunglasses with honey-colored lenses, and a casual youth hat in black and white.

Mai Omar in a casual look with wide jeans

The fashion for wide pants has achieved remarkable popularity in recent times, whether it is designed from jeans, cotton or even velvet.

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In an elegant casual youthful look, Lama Omar coordinated wide jeans in dark blue, with a white shirt designed with only one sleeve in an attractive modern design, with a beige shoulder bag, and large sunglasses with black circular lenses.

Mai Omar with a casual look in an oversized shirt

In an elegant casual look, suitable for work or university times, Mai Omar adopted a pastel blue shirt, which came with an oversize design, with a large pocket on one side of the chest, and coordinated it with dark blue skinny jeans, torn at the knees for a more youthful and modern look.