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Catania, the question is central, but there is talk of cleansing from the United States

Mr. Catania of Pepe Rafael Flutes And you can no longer accept the list of regular alibis at the press conference. Promises of numerous injuries and advertising nausea of ​​recovery left everyone exhausted. There is little personality between the team and there is a constant shortage. The numbers reflect the red and blue difficulties of this season: 43 points after 28 games (45 on the pitch). The end of the day at Serie C should sound an alarm, as Catania finished fifth in the fifth-place finish with Teramo-1 and Palermo-4th with Joe Stefia and Focia. Until two weeks ago they had to be redone to Catania believing that Barry and Avelino could even come next.

Photo by Calcio Catania

Central question – The index is indicated in the physical and psychological area, but the question is central. The field is, not confident enough: you have to run, muscles, play. We need healthy and fit players. There is still one man in the midfield, Rosalia, Welbeck and Dol’Oclio are not functioning, perhaps it is also a matter of quality and character. All three come with ‘mounted’ and dangerous weapon Manuel Sarav Who has scored 7 goals in the league, or almost 20% of the total Rosacere goals. Not to mention Charo is addictive, which is inevitable when you have a player like him on the team, used to activate the game, especially aerial, but it can become a huge limitation when the manual disappears or is stopped once. De Piazza, Rossotto, Golbo, Reginaldo, Manne, Wolf, all together scored 8 goals. Colbo, Caliph and Midfielder Doll Oglio generally need a field to run, places to unleash speed, drops and ball management. It’s hard to find against teams that are covered in the back, but going vertically can help speed up construction. Also, the construction is a sore point: the turning point should come from midfield, from the rhythm, from the fluid of the game. The “square” found with Welbeck-Rosaia-Dal’Oglio is not reflected at this time, but all other assets have shown times and times in managing the ball. Maybe it’s time to trust Moldonado.

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Photo by Calcio Catania

American Revolution – Raphael made many mistakes, came up with an alias somewhere. It is also written that it has come to an end, but the Adenian community, which is experiencing a difficult time, cannot exempt it. It is true that some executives have been thinking about starting acting since last night, but there is no financial evidence for a move that would not be wrong even if there were rumors of severe weather in the locker room. If anything, there are coach Rafael from the United States and some managers at the terminal who have stopped at the terminal: And Joe Tacopina He will do a clean sweep as soon as he gets the management of the club. The Chancellor said this in our editorial office after seeing the disappointing performance of the Rosassuri team against Teramo. The Italian-American lawyer confirmed that he would return to Catania next month to sign if the club’s current ownership through Magenta could restructure and reduce debts with the revenue agency and the municipality of Muscala.