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Catch a giant fish weighing 2 tons on a small tuna boat.. Photos

Marine biologist Enrique Austal couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw a gigantic sunfish entangled in the nets of a tuna fishing boat off the Mediterranean coast of Ceuta.

Enrique Austal said in his remarks carried by the newspaper inquirerThe mammoth fish, a species classified as endangered and inedible in Europe, is 3.2 meters long and 2.9 meters wide. There is a shortage of such meetings.

giant fish picture

He added, “We tried to put the giant fish on a scale of 1000 kg, but the fish was very heavy, and almost broke the scale, based on its strength and its hugeness and its comparison with other fisheries, and it weighs about 2 tons.”

fish in water
fish in water

The fish on the boat
The fish on the boat

As the site movedfield and currentThe specialist in fishing, from the marine biologist, said: “Based on its size, length and width, compared to other giant fish caught in fishing nets, its weight is about 2 tons.”

The fish was first isolated in an underwater chamber attached to the boat before being lifted aboard using a crane, where it remained for a few minutes while Austal and his fellow biologists took measurements, pictures and DNA samples.

A group of photos showed the giant fish in a dark gray color, with a huge head and a body resembling prehistoric creatures, and then it was released and then returned smoothly to the waters about 700 meters deep.

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